8 "Family Participation" Tagged Scripts

Close up photo shows two women in formal wedding clothing and two men in suits. They are all reaching forward to hold hands.

Heartfelt Wedding Ceremony Script with Gift from Parents / Participation of F...

This original wedding ceremony script includes participation by the couple's parents, grandparents, or other chosen elders, as they present the newlyweds wit...

Groom and bride pose with a festive holiday wreath of holly and flowers during their snowy winter Christmas wedding.

Christmas Themed Wedding Ceremony Script with Unity Candle Lighting

This religious Christmas themed wedding ceremony uses Christmas carols as its foundation and inspiration, with a focus on unconditional love, appreciation of...

Blended Family Wedding Ceremony Script with Sand Blending Ritual

This wedding script celebrates a new blended family on the wedding day. Written for religious Christian couples who wish to include their children in the cer...

An officiant performs a handfasting for a groom and bride on the wedding day.

Variation on a Pagan Handfasting, Incorporating Multiple Generations

This Pagan Handfasting ceremony scripts is a great alternative to a traditional wedding. This ceremony includes detailed instructions on how to include the c...

Newlyweds kiss on the wedding day after their ceremony as friends and relatives hold up sparklers in celebration.

Family Oriented Ceremony Script

This ceremony script works well for couples that have parents they want to honor and include, or for couples that have children that they want to recognize. ...

Two newlyweds pose for a photo on the wedding day, showing off their wedding rings against a bouquet of pink peonies

Christian Ceremony Script With Salt Covenant

This unique wedding ceremony script includes a blessing from the parents, a prayer, and a salt covenant ritual to represent the union of the bride and groom....

Taken from a bride and groom as they stand in a golden field of wheat and grasses on the wedding day. Their young son sits on the grooms shoulders.

Wedding Ceremony Script With Covenant Of Children

This wedding ceremony script was written by American Marriage Ministries to serve as a starting point for your own wedding ceremony. This script was written ...

Newlyweds kiss, surrounded by friends and family members after their wedding ceremony.

Christian Wedding Ceremony Script With Recognition Of Children

This christian wedding ceremony script was written by American Marriage Ministries to serve as a starting point for your own wedding ceremony. This script wa...

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