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1867 DAYS AGO | 3.5.2019

Choosing Your Officiant Early Can Offset Arguments During Wedding Planning!

What are some steps that couples can take to ensure that their wedding planning process is peaceful?

1869 DAYS AGO | 3.3.2019

AMM Officiant Feature: From La France to La Big Apple!

We hope you are all enjoyin...

1870 DAYS AGO | 3.2.2019

Why are Municipal Governments Cancelling Courthouse Weddings?

Courthouses across the US have stopped offering courthouse weddings in response to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex weddings. AMM went to Gainesville G...

1872 DAYS AGO | 2.28.2019

Clark County, Las Vegas, issues new rules, making it easier for online-ordain...

Las Vegas has issued new requirements that make it easier for online-ordained ministers to officiate weddings, regardless of religious affiliation.

1880 DAYS AGO | 2.20.2019

AMM Joins Civil Rights Orgs in Denouncing Tennessee Bill to Strip Gay Marriag...

American Marriage Ministries calls on Tennessee lawmakers to vote against this latest attempt to marginalize minorities by voting against this bill, and stan...

Close up photo of a young wedding officiant writing a wedding ceremony script on a piece of paper. A cup of coffee and a notebook sits on the table in the distance.

1880 DAYS AGO | 2.20.2019

Getting Started: How to Write a Basic Wedding Ceremony

Learn the basic outline and format of a simple wedding ceremony, and how to stitch the parts together using transitional wording, personal details and storie...

1881 DAYS AGO | 2.19.2019

Asked to Perform a Wedding Ceremony? Here’s Why You Should Say “Yes!”

Are you wondering if you should officiate a wedding? Here's why you should say yes and how to prepare for a memorable ceremony.

1885 DAYS AGO | 2.15.2019

Cut Wedding Expenses by Focusing on What Matters the Most -- The Ceremony!

As weddings get more expensive, couples should think about what they really want out of their wedding, and eliminate aspects that don't matter to save money.

1886 DAYS AGO | 2.14.2019

Look Mom, We’re Famous! A Throwback to AMM’s Television Appearances

A roundup of AMM's ministers being features on national television last year.

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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A laptop screen showing a mock up of a wedding website home page, with photos of the couple's planned honeymoon, newlywed fund, rsvp details, and more, taken from The Knot wedding website

1895 DAYS AGO | 2.5.2019

Attention Couples: We Reviewed Wedding Registry Websites, and Our Favorite On...

We reviewed the best wedding reservation websites to find the best price and experience, recommended by wedding planners and officiants -- including The Knot...

1896 DAYS AGO | 2.4.2019

AMM and IAPWO Announce Partnership to Promote Best Practices for Officiants

American Marriage Ministries (AMM) and the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants (IAPWO) have agreed to work together to educate first...

1903 DAYS AGO | 1.28.2019

Who Actually Writes the Wedding Ceremony?

The best way to decide who will write your wedding ceremony is to meet early and talk about what kind of feeling and vibe you want to create.

Close up photo of a wedding officiant performing a handfasting ceremony, with the couple holding hands as a braided cord is wrapped around their wrists to symbolize their marriage

1909 DAYS AGO | 1.22.2019

How to Include Family and Friends In Your Wedding Ceremony

Here are some tips to get friends and family members involved in the wedding ceremony, from delivering a special wedding reading, joining in a ring warming, ...

Vintage style poster shows a man holding his hand out to say 'no' to a drink of alcohol he's being offered, with the title 'HET!'

1910 DAYS AGO | 1.21.2019

It’s a Nice Day for a Dry Wedding: How One Couple Did it, and Why it Might Be...

One couple decided to have an alcohol-free wedding due to health and religious reasons, here's how they did it.

Photo shows a gathering of citizens, city workers, and Mayor Bowser speaking during the government shutdown

1914 DAYS AGO | 1.17.2019

Washington DC Mayor Saves Couples from Government Shutdown Wedding Woes!

Couples in Washington DC are once again able to get married thanks to an emergency act passed by Mayor Muriel Bowser that will allow her to grant marriage li...

Funny image shows a wedding officiant pulling back a set of red curtains to reveal a microphone on stage

1917 DAYS AGO | 1.14.2019

Public Speaking: Deliver Your Wedding Ceremony with Confidence in Just 3 Minu...

These simple steps will help you perform a wedding ceremony with confidence, try this three minute practice to overcome your fear of public speaking.

A photo of a typical clerk's office, showing a counter with several employees and a sign that reads 'registry division'

1920 DAYS AGO | 1.11.2019

Attention Couples: Read this before you visit the clerk’s office for your mar...

Before getting married, couples and their officiant need to follow these steps in order to get their marriage license.

Photo of men and a woman standing outside posing for the wedding party photo, they are wearing coordinating suits and dress shirts for a wedding

1921 DAYS AGO | 1.10.2019

Bridesmen and Groomsmaids: Tips for Planning an Unconventional Wedding Ceremony

More couples are choosing unconventional gender roles for their wedding parties, this article explains the history behind this trend, and gives planning tips.


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