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525 DAYS AGO | 12.15.2022

These Wedding Planning Books Make Great Gifts

Wedding planning books with a focus on the ceremony: These wedding guides make great gifts for a newly engaged couple, your favorite professional wedding off...

526 DAYS AGO | 12.14.2022

Funny Love Poems & Whimsical Wedding Readings for a Ceremony that’s YOU & Tru...

Funny wedding readings and love poems to add to a lighthearted wedding ceremony script, unique wedding vows, or a whimsical rhyming officiant speech. Include...

531 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2022

6 Ways to Include a Sword in Your Wedding Ceremony

From unity ceremony to unique recessional, here are 6 creative ways to include a sword in your wedding ceremony. This list incudes a military saber arch, Vi...

A groom and bride pose in a funny way in front of a green wall to celebrate their marriage day

538 DAYS AGO | 12.2.2022

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Choose one of these fun and affordable alternatives to a traditional wedding ceremony, including eloping, a sign and go marriage license signing ceremony, a ...

539 DAYS AGO | 12.1.2022

How to Have a ‘Friends Only’ Wedding Ceremony - No Family Invited

Not inviting family to your wedding? No problem! Here’s how to have a fun friends only wedding ceremony. Choose the right friend to serve as wedding offician...

Two grooms hold hands during the wedding ceremony while their wedding officiant smiles, holding the wedding script

540 DAYS AGO | 11.30.2022

12 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before Signing a Contract

Ask your wedding officiant these important questions to make sure you’ve found the best person to officiate your ceremony. Before you sign a contract, ask ab...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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545 DAYS AGO | 11.25.2022

How to Get Married in Colorado - Planning a Wedding in The Centennial State

A step-by-step guide to help you plan a wedding and get married in Colorado - including how to find a wedding officiant, information about self-uniting weddi...

547 DAYS AGO | 11.23.2022

How to Tell if Your Officiant Can Perform a Legal Wedding

Learn who can legally officiate a wedding in your state and how to know if a wedding officiant meets the requirements to perform your marriage ceremony, incl...

Close up as a bride and groom perform a unity candle ceremony during their wedding. The couple are holding small candles to light a larger candle, and holding their free hands up to block the wind so that the flame doesn't go out. They are wearing formal wedding attire, including a white gown with lace sleeves, and a blue suit.

556 DAYS AGO | 11.14.2022

FAQs About the Unity Candle Ceremony, Including When, How, Who, Where, and Why!

All your questions about the wedding unity candle ceremony, answered: When to light the candle (before or after rings and vows), who lights the unity candle,...

561 DAYS AGO | 11.9.2022

Dalai Lama Quotes on Love & Happiness for Your Wedding Ceremony Script

Quotes on love & happiness from The Dalai Lama to personalize any wedding ceremony script. Use in the invocation, wedding officiant’s blessing, vows, or as a...

566 DAYS AGO | 11.4.2022

Can’t Afford a Wedding? How to Get Married for (Almost) Free

Simple advice on how to get married for free, or almost free. Most couples can’t afford a traditional wedding venue or reception, but there are plenty of alt...

575 DAYS AGO | 10.26.2022

This Quiz tells You Which Kind of Wedding Officiant is Best for Your Ceremony

This short 5 question quiz will help you choose the best type of wedding officiant for your ceremony, based on your wedding budget, dream venue, religious or...

576 DAYS AGO | 10.25.2022

Can you use a marriage license in another state?

Learn how to apply for a wedding license when you live in one state but want to get married in another: If you're planning a destination wedding ceremony in ...

Un novio y una novia posan para una foto, riendo y sonriendo felices el día de la boda y vestidos con un hermoso traje y vestido de novia. Tienen flores y globos blancos.

580 DAYS AGO | 10.21.2022

Un Sencillo Guión de Boda para Utilizar Cuando un Amigo Oficie la Ceremonia

Esta plantilla de guión de boda para un amigo oficiante facilita que una pareja y su amigo oficiante escriban una ceremonia personalizada. Simplemente rellen...

582 DAYS AGO | 10.19.2022

10 Alternatives to “You May Now Kiss the Bride!”

Looking for creative wording for the end of your wedding officiant script? Try these 10 non-traditional alternatives to "you may now kiss the bride," to end ...


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