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Illustration of minister credentials, including an ordination certificate from American Marriage Ministries, a clergy badge, and other documents.

1166 DAYS AGO | 4.14.2021

Fact Check: Do you need multiple online ordinations to protect your standing ...

You want to make sure your minister credentials are up to the legal task when it’s time to marry someone, and sign and file the marriage license. But do you ...

Illustration, stylized, shows a wedding officiant with a cape and a pink bag, symbolizing a superhero officiant and her emergency kit.

1167 DAYS AGO | 4.13.2021

The best Officiant Wedding Emergency Kit we’ve ever seen

Wedding officiants take note: This is the best wedding emergency kit we’ve seen. Solve every mishap, mistake, accident and surprise, and prevent day-of disas...

A Pagan wedding altar, in pinks and purples and cream colors. There are lit candles, runes painted on smooth stones, flowers, herbs, crystals, a mirror with an ornate gold frame, and other objects for magic and marriage ceremony.

1168 DAYS AGO | 4.12.2021

When Pagans Wed: Modern Paganism & the Wedding Ritual

Sacred circles, handfasting unity candles, and feasting -- learn what to expect at a modern Pagan or Neopagan wedding ceremony, including marriage rites of W...

Taken from above, this photo shows wedding themed cards for an engagement announcement or 'save the date' cards. There is a pink card with gold lettering that says 'always & forever,' and one with a large jeweled engagement ring.

1170 DAYS AGO | 4.10.2021

7 Ultimate Engagement Gifts To Make a Couple’s Wedding Planning a Breeze

Why not give your favorite engaged couple a gift they can really use? These 7 gifts make wedding planning fun and easy, because getting married should be joy...

Stylized editorial illustration by Jessica Levey shows a figure in green against a pink, blue, and yellow background. There is a heart in red in the figure's chest, symbolizing emotion and thought.

1171 DAYS AGO | 4.9.2021

Want to get inside the heads (and hearts) of modern couples? 5 book recommend...

From neuroscience to marketing tips, book recommendations for wedding officiants that shake up perspectives, improve communication, introduce new services, a...

1172 DAYS AGO | 4.8.2021

Pagan Wedding Altars : An Illustrated Look at a Year and a Day Altar

Magic, love, & symbolism come together on a Pagan wedding altar. Learn some of the most common items you can expect, using a Wiccan Year and a Day ritual as ...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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1173 DAYS AGO | 4.7.2021

Weddings for the Dead -- A look at Mormon posthumous sealings and proxy baptisms

Mormon priests perform marriages and baptisms for dead ancestors to give their souls a place in the afterlife. Learn more about these rites, including proxy ...

1178 DAYS AGO | 4.2.2021

Apply for your marriage license online in Bucks County, PA

Couples planning a wedding in Bucks County, PA can now apply for their marriage license online over video conference, as part of a pilot program launched by ...

1179 DAYS AGO | 4.1.2021

The Best Worst Wedding Jokes (You’ll Secretly Laugh At)

The best worst wedding jokes and funny quotes on marriage! Would you use these in your toast, speech, vows, or ceremony?

1180 DAYS AGO | 3.31.2021

Mormon Weddings : From Top-Secret Temple Sealings to the Myth of Magic Underw...

Take a look inside the very private Mormon wedding ceremony, including temple sealings, recommends, civil ceremonies, magic underwear (garments), and even Mo...

1181 DAYS AGO | 3.30.2021

An Officiant’s Guide to Covenant Marriages

Covenant marriages are legally distinct from other types of marriage. Here’s what wedding officiants and couples should know about these uncommon religious w...

1181 DAYS AGO | 3.30.2021

Avoiding a Terrible Wedding Toast -- What *Not* To Do

No one wants to make a fool of themselves by delivering a bad wedding toast! Follow these simple tips on what to say and do to make your speech memorable.

1185 DAYS AGO | 3.26.2021

How to Officiate a Wedding For the First Time

Learn how to perform a wedding for the first time, from getting ordained online to signing the marriage license! A step-by-step guide for new officiants, min...

1187 DAYS AGO | 3.24.2021

Mad Libs Inspired Wedding Vows For the Couple Who Loves to (verb) Together

Vows are the most meaningful part of a wedding ceremony! But that doesn’t mean you have to stress over them. Loosen up with these Mad Libs inspired wedding v...

1189 DAYS AGO | 3.22.2021

Officiate a Virtual Wedding Like a Pro!

Online weddings require special attention from officiants that other types of ceremonies don’t. Learn what details to watch for, and how to officiate a virtu...


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