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How to Plan a Cannabis-Friendly Wedding

Published Tuesday, Jun. 22nd, 2021

Illustration by Jessica Levey

As more states legalize recreational marijuana, weed weddings and cannabis-infused receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and wedding favors are becoming more common. 



Recreational marijuana is currently legal in 17 states and Washington, D.C. (and counting). As legalization becomes more widespread, couples are choosing to incorporate marijuana into their wedding celebrations. At these modern events, wedding guests can choose between infused joints, fancy edibles and more, in addition to (or as an alternative to) specialty cocktails and a traditional open bar. 


Still, cannabis-friendly receptions and other wedding celebrations are a new concept to many people. And like any part of the wedding planning process, a little research will go a long way! 


To help, AMM reached out to a veteran of the cannabis industry, Chelsea Robinson, who has over five years of experience working in Seattle, Washington and Ketichican, Alaska, helping individuals and couples navigate their options. 





First, let’s talk trends… is this one really increasing?


C: I would say yes. The more we wade into legalization and decriminalization as a nation, it gets more normal and accepted, and that’s awesome. I hope it becomes super commonplace... I want that wedding registry!


We’re seeing several new trends this year, and some old trends we love becoming popular again. Here are a few others that have caught our eye, including elopements and outdoor weddings… 6 Wedding Trends We Love For 2021.



What’s the best place for a couple to start their planning?


C: For sure check your local laws about public consumption, depending upon your venue. And ask your venue if they’re cannabis friendly. Your next move is to visit your local dispensary and talk to your favorite budtender. You may also have to make several trips, depending on the daily purchase limits in your state. 


Budtenders are just like bartenders, but for cannabis products. These are your industry experts, who will be able to answer all your questions on types of products to consider at your celebration. They’ll also be able to help you understand what is and isn’t allowed in your area. Most states have a daily purchase limit, which is the amount of marijuana you are allowed to buy (in various forms) in one day. This means that couples may need to plan ahead, as they might require multiple trips.



How much do most couples spend on wedding favors? 


C: I’d say usually a couple hundred bucks. 


How far your budget stretches will depend on the number of guests you invite! According to Martha Stewart, couples spend an average of $2 to $3 dollars per person on wedding favors. When choosing favors, guests should consider their overall budget and the size of their guest list. Smaller, more intimate weddings will allow couples to spend more money per guest, curating a personalized (and occasionally lavish) experience. 




What kinds of things do couples usually buy for wedding favors? 


C: A lot of the time, folks purchase infused joints or fancy edibles, sometimes cartridges. More “special” items. Once I had a bride come in and buy some joints, edibles, and infused lube for her bridesmaids. It was awesome. They always come in giddy and that is wonderful. 


We love when couples choose unconventional wedding ceremonies and receptions! Everything about your wedding day (especially your ceremony) should tell your guests something about who you are as a couple. It’s traditional for couples to give gifts to bridesmaids and groomsmen as a way of expressing their appreciation, but there’s nothing that says the gifts have to be traditional! For that matter, neither does your wedding party themselves… For inspiration read Bridesmen and Groomsmaids: Tips for Planning an Unconventional Wedding Ceremony




Do most shops offer a weed wedding registry for engaged couples? 


C: No! As a currently engaged person I REALLY WISH THIS EXISTED. 


Should we call it a weeding registry? No? Ok... Because most states have only recently legalized recreational businesses, many haven’t started offering this feature. We recommend calling your local shop and asking if this is something they offer, or might be willing to offer. 

In the meantime, AMM reviewed the top wedding registry websites currently available to help you decide on one: Attention Couples: We Reviewed Wedding Registry Websites, and Our Favorite One Was… 



“Unity bowls” -- a real thing or an internet article thing? 


C: I have never heard of that in my life. But I want to know more...


According to a few internet articles, unity bowls are incorporated in ceremonies in much the same way that unity candle lighting ceremonies are. After taking their vows, couples smoke  together (sometimes using a custom two-mouthpiece / double bong) to celebrate the solemnization of their union and the start of married life. Some couples even blend strains, similar to a wine blending ceremony. 



A few more tips…


From cannabis-infused drinks and desserts, joints, edibles, and even cannabis-inspired decor -- there are many ways to make your wedding weed-friendly.


Like Chelsea suggested, we recommend you research the laws in your state thoroughly at the start of the planning process, paying special attention to your area’s public consumption laws and daily purchase limits. 


Then choose a wedding officiant that’s on board with your plan, especially if cannabis will be part of your ceremony (for example, including a unity bowl). 


Ask a close friend or family member to perform your ceremony!


Having a relative or loved one officiate will make things feel even more special. 


(AMM ordains people online quickly, and we’ll help your loved one learn how to write a wedding ceremony script, deliver the ceremony, and sign the wedding license on our Wedding Officiant Training pages.) 


Let guests know that your ceremony or reception will be cannabis-friendly (sometimes called a 420 wedding), and consider starting a wedding registry so they can join in the fun. 




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