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1108 DAYS AGO | 6.30.2021

Exchanging vows *before* the wedding ceremony

Exchange your custom written vows before the wedding to create a unique, intimate moment -- and avoid the pressure of public speaking, or the restrictions o...

1109 DAYS AGO | 6.29.2021

Tips on Gender & Pronouns for Inclusive Wedding Officiants

Tips for wedding officiants on creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ couples, with suggestions on pronoun use, gender neutral lang...

1110 DAYS AGO | 6.28.2021

How long is a wedding ceremony? What to Include and What to Skip

Asked to perform or plan a wedding? Learn how long a wedding ceremony lasts, and which parts of the ceremony to include or cut to keep it from running too lo...

Illustration of two people embracing against a green background with yellow flowers, watercolor style drawing to symbolize a groom and bride in love

1114 DAYS AGO | 6.24.2021

Classic Wedding Vows (That Will Make Everyone at Your Ceremony Happy Cry)

Sometimes classic vows just feel right! Use these traditional wedding vow examples while planning your ceremony, or modify them to fit any religious, spiritu...

A bride and groom kneel down next to their two dogs, outside in a grassy field on the wedding day. The couple is wearing a white wedding dress and a dress shirt with a vest, and the dogs have cute bowties

1115 DAYS AGO | 6.23.2021

Sequel Wedding Ceremony Script: What to Say During a Couple’s Second Ceremony

Sequel weddings are trending! Use this sample script to officiate a couple’s second ceremony as COVID-19 restrictions lift and venues return to full capacity...

1116 DAYS AGO | 6.22.2021

How to Plan a Cannabis-Friendly Wedding

Learn about planning a cannabis-friendly wedding, and ways to include marijuana or weed in your ceremony, reception, or celebration.

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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1118 DAYS AGO | 6.20.2021

New Script Alert! Summer Solstice Handfasting with Honey Wine Toast

A festive new wedding ceremony script with a handfasting and mead / honey wine toast to help you celebrate your marriage on the Summer Solstice!

1121 DAYS AGO | 6.17.2021

Plan & Officiate a Summer Solstice Wedding with Handfasting & Honey Wine Toast

A Summer Solstice Wedding Ceremony with handfasting and honey wine mead toast ! Plan and officiate a unique summer wedding with this outline of parts of a ce...

1122 DAYS AGO | 6.16.2021

Inspiration for Your Disney Themed Wedding Ceremony and Vows

Dreaming of a Disney themed wedding? Add a little Disney magic to your wedding ceremony and vows with quotes and moments from some of our favorite Disney mov...

1123 DAYS AGO | 6.15.2021

What is an SBNR Wedding Officiant & How Do You Become One?

An increasing number of couples want a ‘spiritual but not religious’ or non religious wedding ceremony. Learn what it takes to become an SBNR wedding officiant.

1126 DAYS AGO | 6.12.2021

A Look at Loving Day -- A Celebration of Love & Interracial Marriage

On June 12 we celebrate Loving Day - the anniversary of the 1967 historic Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision in support of interracial marriage. Learn...

1127 DAYS AGO | 6.11.2021

This Might Be the Most Important Thing a Wedding Officiant Wears to a Ceremony…

This piece of clothing is essential when officiating a wedding! Learn what type of shoes to wear to a ceremony, depending on the couple and the kind of weddi...

1128 DAYS AGO | 6.10.2021

Vegas-style weddings are popping up everywhere - Will you officiate one?

Vegas-style weddings and chapels are popping up all across the US. Why wedding officiants and couples alike love this pandemic trend, and why it’s here to stay.

1129 DAYS AGO | 6.9.2021

Want to see some crazy shit? Become a wedding officiant!

Very few jobs give you the same close-up view of the human experience that working as a wedding officiant will! Become an ordained minister with AMM and see ...

Dos mujeres con los brazos alrededor de los hombros sonríen y ríen alegremente hacia la cámara. Llevan vestidos de verano al aire libre en la playa, con arena, agua y árboles de fondo. Es un día soleado con nubes ligeras.

1131 DAYS AGO | 6.7.2021

¿Quieres que un Amigo o Familiar sea el Oficiante de tu Boda? Lee Esto Primer...

Antes de elegir a un amigo o familiar para que realice la ceremonia de su boda, ¡considere lo que se necesita para ser un buen oficiante! Obtener la ordenaci...


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