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755 DAYS AGO | 5.15.2021

Meditation for Ministers: What is Grounding?

Learn about a mindfulness technique called grounding that can help busy ministers and wedding officiants stay present during stressful days -- even when brid...

756 DAYS AGO | 5.14.2021

Officiate a Micro Wedding Like a Pro: Know Your Audience

3 questions that will help you officiate a micro wedding and write a wedding ceremony script like a pro: Know your audience!

757 DAYS AGO | 5.13.2021

Write a Ceremony Fit For Royalty With Inspiration From Prince William and Kat...

Add some royal inspiration to your wedding ceremony script! We review Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Christian wedding transcript for wedding officiants...

759 DAYS AGO | 5.11.2021

Can Couples Ask Their Wedding Officiants And Other Vendors If They’ve Been Va...

Couples will be asking wedding officiants and other wedding professionals if they’ve been vaccinated against COVID this summer. Learn what to expect and how ...

760 DAYS AGO | 5.10.2021

Are These 4 Wedding Ceremony Trends Here to Stay, Or Will They Fade Away Post...

Wedding pro Bethel Nathan predicts what will happen to these wedding ceremony trends in 2021 and 2022 as we head into a post - pandemic future: micro-wedding...

761 DAYS AGO | 5.9.2021

Our Favorite Ways to Include Moms and Matriarchs in a Wedding Ceremony

Learn meaningful ways to include a mother or matriarch in your wedding ceremony, including unity rituals, a walk down the aisle, how to plan with your weddin...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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763 DAYS AGO | 5.7.2021

Even Wedding Officiants Get Ghosted Sometimes… What To Do When Couples Go MIA

Sometimes couples ask a wedding officiant to perform their ceremony but then suddenly disappear, not returning texts or emails. What to do if you get ghosted...

764 DAYS AGO | 5.6.2021

How to plan an accessible and disability-friendly wedding ceremony

Learn how to plan a disability friendly and accessible wedding ceremony for you and your guests, including tips related to wheelchairs and mobility, deaf, ha...

765 DAYS AGO | 5.5.2021

Co-oficiando Una Boda, ¿Cuánta Más Gente, Mejor?

¿Es posible que dos o más oficiantes oficien una ceremonia de boda? Sí adelante!

766 DAYS AGO | 5.4.2021

Plan & Officiate a Beltane Inspired Wedding

How to plan or officiate a Beltane wedding ceremony or handfasting, with a bonfire ritual and words inspired by ancient Celtic Pagan practices and the spirit...

767 DAYS AGO | 5.3.2021

How to add a Maypole Dance to Your Wedding Celebration

Learn about the history of the Maypole dance and how to add one to your wedding celebration, for May Day, Beltane, Wiccan, Pagan, and nonreligious celebrations.

769 DAYS AGO | 5.1.2021

A Simple Beltane Incense Recipe for Your Wedding

A magical Beltane incense recipe for your wedding ceremony. A unique addition to any wedding, marriage rite, engagement, betrothal, or Wiccan handfasting rit...

770 DAYS AGO | 4.30.2021

How to Add a Tree Planting Ceremony to Your Wedding

Celebrate your bond with a tree planting ceremony! This unique unity ritual can be adapted to any theme or location, even indoor ceremonies, by using housepl...

772 DAYS AGO | 4.28.2021

Can you legally perform a wedding ceremony for your friends and family? Yes!

Curious who can legally marry a couple in your state, and if you’re on that list? Wondering how to become a wedding officiant or ordained minister to marry p...

774 DAYS AGO | 4.26.2021

Vaccines and Weddings -- What officiants and couples can expect this summer

From guest lists to contracts and travel, what wedding officiants and couples can expect as more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19 and wedding ceremo...


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