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How to Get Married in Guam: Plan a Tropical Island Wedding!

Published Tuesday, Dec. 7th, 2021

A smiling bride is embraced by the groom outdoors in front of tropical palm fronds. The bride wears a strapless white wedding gown, with large earrings and short dark red hair, the groom is in a white suit with red floors in his lapel, a black tie, and short dark hair. They look very in love and happy.

Dreaming of travel? Planning a destination wedding on the paradise island of Guam? Plan your perfect tropical wedding!  


(Note: Covid guidelines and closures may affect some of the information in this article. If you’re choosing a venue or have specific questions about marriage licenses, we encourage you to contact the venue or government office directly.)



Choosing a venue


You certainly have your pick of gorgeous locations on the island! Hotels, churches, and the courthouse are always popular and convenient choices, but if you’re hoping for a ceremony in a scenic outdoor setting, a park is a great choice! 


Asan Beach is a popular location for weddings, and The War in the Pacific National Historical Park allows ceremonies with a special use permit. Apply for the permit at least 2 weeks before the ceremony to allow for processing time. You’ll need to pay an application fee (around $20) and purchase general liability insurance. Details are given on the park’s homepage, along with a link to download the application. 


Puntan Dos Amantes, or Two Lovers Point, is also a favorite wedding spot. The historic point rises 368 feet above the reef at Tumon Bay, and includes several tourist attractions, including the Heart Lock Wall, The Love Bell, Lookout Point, and the Natural Cavern, which has an impressive drop of nearly 20 stories into the coral below! 





Guam Marriage License Quick Facts: 

♡ 5 Day Waiting Period
♡ 60 Day Expiration Period
♡ 10 Day Return Period
Illustration of a bride, groom, and wedding officiant. There is a gavel and a large wedding license, to represent the legal aspects of marriage
Did you know? Every U.S. state and territory has different laws governing when the marriage license is issued, can be completed, and must be returned. Learn more here. 





Applying for the Marriage License


Handle all the paperwork details early, leaving plenty of time before the ceremony. 


There’s a 5 day waiting period between when the license application is received and when the license is issued. The license will cost around $30.00.


In some cases, an expedited same-day marriage license is available for an additional fee, for a total of around $80.00. After paying the waiver fee, the Director of Public Health and Social Services or his delegate may authorize the immediate issuance of a marriage license.


You’ll need (at minimum) a government-issued photo ID, such as a state-issued driver's license or a passport, and a birth certificate when applying for your license. If you’ve been divorced, you might need to provide additional paperwork. And if you’re a non-US citizen, you’ll also need to have a Notarized Affidavit of Foreign Birth, and your current passport, along with other documentation. 


To avoid confusion or complications, we recommend all couples, including US citizens, contact the Office of Vital Statistics for the most up to date information before applying for their marriage license:  


Division of Public Health - Office of Vital Statistics
Rancare Commercial Building CBU Box 7
761 S. Marine Corp Drive
Tamuning, GU  96913


Current phone numbers and office hours, including marriage license issuing hours, and email addresses can also be found on the Office’s website



Finding an Officiant in Guam


You can choose to get married at a church or courthouse (by a clergy member or judge), or by an independent wedding officiant authorized to solemnize marriages in Guam. 


AMM Ministers are recognized in Guam! For more details on the officiant’s role in the wedding ceremony, read How to Perform Marriage in Guam


Choosing a friend or relative to officiate, someone who knows you and your story, is a meaningful way to include loved ones in your celebration. We recommend choosing someone who reflects your values, and who will honor the love you and your partner share.


Keep in mind that it’s the officiant or minister’s responsibility to return the marriage license to the Office of Vital Statistics within 10 days of the ceremony. Your license must be returned within 10 days for your marriage to be valid.


Using the Marriage License


Remember! There’s a 5 day waiting period for your license, and it must be used within 60 days or it expires. This means that your ceremony should be scheduled in advance, within this 60 day period. 


Your officiant will ask you to verify the correctness and validity of the license. They’ll need to see the license before the ceremony begins, and might ask to see your photo ID to confirm the details are correct. 


After the ceremony, the officiant will sign and return the license to the Office of Vital Statistics. 

Read All About the Marriage License on our Wedding Officiant Training pages for more details on how to fill out the license. 


Writing the Ceremony 


As for the ceremony itself, there’s no way it won’t be absolutely stunning! Guam is full of beautiful locations, perfect for exchanging vows and sealing them with a kiss.


There are no ‘rules’ for ceremonies in Guam, and no special words need to be said for the wedding to be official. What’s most important is that you choose words and rituals that speak to your values, your relationship, and your love. 


The only thing we insist upon is that you remember to bring the license with you! 


For help writing a ceremony, visit our Wedding Ceremony Script Library and browse our sample scripts. You’ll find short scripts, nonreligious scripts, unique unity rituals, special readings, handfasting scripts, and more!





Are you officiating a wedding in Guam? 


Visit How to Perform a Wedding in Guam


This article will help you learn how perform a wedding in Guam, understand the island’s licensing and registration requirements, any ministry credentials and paperwork you might need, and other helpful tips.


To get started, get ordained online for free with American Marriage Ministries. 



Need to know more about Wedding Laws in Guam? 


Visit Guam Marriage Laws




We love beach weddings! 







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