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Is Your Valentine’s Day Wedding Doomed? Numerology Says ‘Maybe?’

Published Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 2024

Illustration of a bride and groom looking off into the distance with expressions of shock and fear with colored flames behind them and celestial numbers swirling around them
Illustration: Jessica Levey

Is Valentine’s Day an unlucky day to marry? A look at the numerology of this popular wedding date, and how to lessen any celestial challenges




We asked expert numerologist Rebecca Scolnick to tell us the unluckiest wedding dates of the year, but we never expected her to say Valentine’s Day. 


And yet… here we are.


In fact, Rebecca tells us that Valentine’s Day is probably the worst day to get married in 2024, at least according to numerology. 


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That’s because this romantic holiday has a core number of 7, a number known for its challenging, moody, angsty, and anything-but-gentle energy.


To find Valentine’s Day’s core number:

Start with the date, 02/14, and then reduce through addition: 

2 + 1 + 4 = 7 


To put it kindly, 7 is an anxiety-producing wildcard of a number. It’s a number that most people will want to avoid during any major milestone or effort, and especially on their wedding day. 


Rebecca says, “I know a lot of couples might feel the urge to capitalize on this day of love, but from a numerological perspective, in 2024, Valentine’s Day is not going to bring you the combination you’re looking for.”


And if that rogue 7 isn’t enough to make you rethink the date, it gets worse…


Adding in the numerals of the year, the date reduces to an even trickier 15, and a truly deceptive 6. 


To find the core number for this year’s Valentine’s Day:

02/14/2024, include the numerals of the year and reduce:

2 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 15 

1 + 5 = 6 


This deceptive 6, reduced from 15, can lead to a day filled with love and family as 6s are known to do… 


But it also promises a hearty side of cold feet, family drama, and unexpected ceremony mistakes.


“In 2024, Valentine’s Day is going to get you to 15… Which if you reduce 15, is 6. [Usually,] 6 energy is really great… However, 15 is a trickier way to get to 6, because it’s ‘the self’ and ‘change,” Rebecca tells us.


“So it’s the ‘changing of one’s self’ – maybe you might have cold feet, maybe you’ll be a little angstier, or something in the ceremony won’t go well, or maybe there will be family drama during the day… You know, all things to look out for if you’re going to have a Valentine’s Day wedding. The numbers at their core might look ok and workable, but the day itself might pose some issues.”




Set on having a V-Day ceremony? Here's what to do...


If you’ve already booked a venue for Valentine’s, you might be wondering, ‘Now what?’ 


Luckily, there are ways to work with the day’s energy that can help safeguard your ceremony from doom and disaster. One of these is actually pretty simple – a personalized unity ritual! 


Rebecca suggests balancing this challenging energy by including a personalized spiritual ritual in your ceremony… otherwise known as a unity ritual or unity ceremony. 


“7 is a spiritual number,” she tells us, despite its more unfortunate tendencies. So, including spiritual elements in your day will help neutralize negative vibes. 


“Bring in some personal spirituality, some personal ritual into your ceremony…

[Rituals like] setting intentions, readings that you would refer to as spiritual or meaningful texts, some kind of candle blessing… Work with that spiritual energy that’s present.”


A unity ceremony that combines both you and your partner’s personal approaches to spirituality will work best. You might include an interfaith or multicultural ritual, like candle lighting, handfasting, or tea ceremony. 


Other great choices that can be personalized include ring warming ceremonies, a lantern release, reading love letters, and a festive bonfire party with toasts and dancing. 


Don't forget that a great wedding officiant can help the ceremony go well! Officiants can prepare for an unpredictable day by bringing extra copies of the wedding ceremony script and written vows, planning for seasonal weather shifts, arriving at the venue early, and arranging a backup officiant... just in case. 


If you've asked a friend or relative to get ordained online with AMM to officiate your ceremony, follow all of the precautions above and schedule time for a rehearsal to practice any unfamiliar elements or rituals. 


Click the links below for more inspiration: 




Valentine's Day

Wedding Numerology Summary


💗Important Numbers: 

7, 1, 5, 6


💗What to Expect & Watch Out For: 

Cold Feet

Anxiety & Moodiness

Friend & Family Drama

Ceremony Mistakes


💗How to Balance the Day's Energies for Best Results: 

Personal Spirituality & Rituals

Unity Ceremony


💗Wedding Officiant Preperation:

Practice, Practice, Practice! 

Bring Extra Copies of the Script & Vows

Backup Officiant




Author Rebecca Scholnick headshot via her website, image shows Rebecca smiling, facing the camera, with a friendly and open energy. Brightly colored painting on the wall behind her. She's wearing short sleeves and a tattoo is visible.


Guest Contributor Rebecca 'Bee' Scolnick is "a writer, witch, weirdo, and queer human lady (she/her), who uses magic and storytelling to support unlearning work and inspire new meaning making."


Her first book, The Witch’s Book of Numbers: Enhance Your Magic With Numerologywas released in 2022 by Hierophant Publishing, a traditional book publisher distributed by Red Wheel Weiser.


Connect with Rebecca on her website,, or on Instagram @beescolnick






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