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The Anonymous Officiant: Two Missing Rings, One Distraught Groom & Plenty of Cocktails…

Published Monday, May. 22nd, 2023

Would you handle missing wedding rings like this bride did... or like the groom? 



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AMM Audio Articles · The Anonymous Officiant: Two Missing Rings, One Distraught Groom & Plenty of Cocktails…




“All the guests were seated at the outdoor wedding. 

I had the bridal party inside, lined up, ready to begin. 

The last thing I always ask before I walk out to begin the ceremony is, “Best Man, do you have the rings?"

...He didn't. 


Illustration of the bride drinking a cocktail, watching as the best man searches for the rings in his jacket pocket and the groom holds his hands up to his face in despair. The lines of the drawing are in black ink, with an orange and yellowish paint wash over top.

Illustration: Jessica Levey



The Best Man thought the Groom had picked them up from the table after the pre-ceremony photoshoot. But after a frantic discussion, it was determined that no, the rings had in fact been left at the photography studio... about 30 minutes away.

The Groom was distraught. The Bride was pretty chill.


I even offered to use my own wedding ring and a ring belonging to one of the groomsmen, just for the ceremony. Understandably, the Groom didn't want to do that, and a groomsman and a bridesmaid headed out on the one hour round trip to get the rings. 

When the wedding was due to begin, I walked up to the microphone and told the guests there would be a slight delay to starting the ceremony...


....and we were going to have a pre-ceremony cocktail hour. 

The rings arrived, the ceremony went off without a hitch, and the guests were pretty excited to attend a wedding that had two cocktail hours!”


– Anonymous 





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