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How to Write the Couple’s ‘Love Story’ for a Wedding Officiant Script (With Examples)

Published Monday, May. 29th, 2023

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A great wedding ceremony script tells a story! Follow these simple instructions to write a personalized custom wedding script…


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AMM Audio Articles · How to Write the Couple’s ‘Love Story’ for a Wedding Officiant Script (With Examples)




The best wedding ceremonies tell a story, grabbing the guest’s attention and making them feel like they’re a part of the couple’s journey together. 


Professional wedding officiants sometimes call this telling a couple’s ‘love story.’ During the marriage ceremony, they describe the course of a couple’s relationship over time, from the first meeting, to falling in love, to the wedding day. 


A good story helps set the mood of the wedding, reminds the couple of the memories they’ve made together, how their love has deepened with time, and shares a few key moments from their journey with their wedding guests.  


As a wedding officiant, it’s your job to tell this story in a thoughtful and authentic way, and to give the couple and their love a ‘voice’ as they celebrate their marriage to each other.  


If you already know the couple well, you can draw from your experiences with them: conversations you’ve had, shared vacations, and other meaningful moments. You should also meet with the couple to ask questions about their relationship and what it means to them, so that you can share their story in their own words. 


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We’ve put together a list of suggestions below to help you write a memorable love story, including a few sample questions to get you and your couple talking, followed by three love story examples written by real officiants, for real couples and real weddings.



When does the officiant tell a couple’s love story during the ceremony? 

The couple’s love story is usually told during the first half of the wedding ceremony, during a section called the ‘invocation.’ It can be just a few sentences long, or longer. The invocation begins after everyone has walked down the aisle, guests have been welcomed, and the purpose of the gathering is announced. 

Learn more here: The Invocation Explained

(You’ve probably heard an officiant say, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of…” That’s the start of the invocation, and is the officiant’s first official speaking part. The love story will come during this portion of the wedding.)


Outdoor wedding ceremony, friends and family watch as the newlyweds walk down the aisle

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5 Tips to Write the Couple’s ‘Love Story’ for a Wedding Ceremony 


1. Gather information about the couple and their relationship


Meet with the couple to talk to them about their relationship and what it means to them, what they love about each other, their favorite memories, challenges they’ve overcome as a couple, and their plans for the future. Try to capture these details in the couple’s own words for the ceremony. 


A few questions you might ask: 


  • How did you meet? 
  • What were your first impressions? 
  • How has your relationship changed and evolved over time? 
  • What are your favorite memories together?
  • What challenges have you overcome, and how were you stronger as a couple? 
  • What does marriage mean to you? 
  • What are your plans for the future?



2. Consider the audience


Consider who will be attending the wedding, and make sure the story you share is appropriate for the audience. Don’t share details that will embarrass the couple or make important guests uncomfortable. Weddings are a personal celebration but they’re also a public event, so make sure your version of the couple’s love story is the right fit for this particular crowd. (You can always save the scandalous bits for the reception and afterparty.)


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3. Think about a ‘story arc’


Even the simplest stories follow a tried-and-true pattern – with a beginning, middle, and end. Keep this natural flow of time and events in mind as you choose which details to include while telling the couple’s love story: How they met, how they felt then, how the relationship deepened, what they love about each other now, plans for the future. 


Include memories that build feelings of excitement, suspense, triumph, romance, and anticipation for the future… the ingredients of a compelling story! 


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4. Make some edits


Once you’ve written the couple’s love story and figured out how to fit it into the rest of your wedding ceremony script, take some time to read it out loud and make some edits. 


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Consider the tone of the story and how well it fits with the rest of the ceremony. Think about length, timing, the audience, and how the couple might feel hearing it on their wedding day. Then, make adjustments as needed. 



5. Remember, this isn’t the end of the story


Remember, this love story isn’t over yet! The wedding day is the start of a new chapter. Leave the story open ended by describing the couple’s plans and dreams for the future. 



Happy newlyweds pose together following the ceremony, the groom is in a wheelchair wearing a brightly colored suit and the bride embraces him, holding a bouquet and wearing a brightly colored dress

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Every couple has a unique story and personality! Give them a 'voice' during the wedding ceremony by crafting an authentic and unique officiant speech.




Examples of Love Stories from Real Wedding Ceremony Scripts


Use these three examples of love stories from real weddings for inspiration as you get started.


Example One: Nic & Lauren’s Love Story

This love story was included in the officiant’s wedding ceremony script after acknowledging the couple’s love and gratitude to their parents and siblings. Read the full wedding script by AMM Minister Pete “Aloha” Tingstrom to see how this story ‘flows’ in the ceremony: AMM Wedding Wall: Nic & Lauren Tie the Knot



“I like to learn about how the couple met… Nick and Lauren met at Boardriders on this day, May 1st, 2012, eleven years ago. 


She had been going there regularly looking for friends since she moved to Hawaii and was rebuilding her life. He hadn't gone out in a whole year. The first night he does go out – he met her!  


She told him she had a long drive back to Waiahole, he said “I have a great couch.” When she went to get his phone number, her phone died right in her hands. So she said, “I guess I am going with you now…” They talked all night, and she did not end up staying on the couch, wink wink. The rest is history.


Then on the 10 year anniversary of them meeting, they went on a hike into Jackass Ginger magical pine forest, and he proposed to her with several friends and hanai family present – it was so special.”


Example Two: Kaitlyn & Austin’s Love Story


This story was included in the officiant’s opening speech, right after he asked guests to silence their phones (an unplugged wedding) and welcomed them to the ceremony. Read the full wedding ceremony script by AMM Minister Michael to see the ceremony’s flow: The Wedding of Kaitlyn & Austin


“We are gathered here today to join Kaitlyn and Austin in marriage.


Little did they know when they met in middle school while at the beach on separate family vacations to the Outer Banks that they’d one day be here on this beautiful Saturday evening near another beach getting married. It’s an amazing story that came together after the mother of the bride suggested that Kaitlyn stay with Austin for safety reasons during Hurricane Irma… and it appears that Mother Knows Best. But I’ll let the Best Man tell the full story during the reception later.


The next chapter in that story begins today. Today begins a life of giving and sharing; of nurturing and support; of trust and commitment; allowing each other the freedom to grow and evolve as individuals while continuing to develop your mutual trust and love as this journey unfolds.


Today your family and friends gather to celebrate your union. We are privileged to witness two dear friends; two exceptional and driven individuals committed to share a lifetime together.”


Example Three: Javier & Jenn’s Love Story


This love story is included during the officiant’s opening words, right after she asks the couple to pause, and look around at everyone gathered to support them on their wedding day. Read the full wedding ceremony script by AMM Minister Regan to see how this custom ceremony captures the couple’s journey together: AMM Wedding Wall: Javier & Jenn’s Wedding



“What you’ve done to be here today took a lot of strength, patience, and love. You met in 2020, during a time when meeting new people and starting a relationship was almost unthinkable. At first, you shared messages and phone conversations back and forth for about a month. The connection was undeniable as you spent hours talking into the late hours of the night… and finally they had to meet.


As Jenn recalled their first date, she remembered that restaurants were just reopening. The plan was for her to go to, and I quote, “this strange man’s house,” and drive to BJ’s. When they got there, they were told they could only order out because there were RIOTS DOWN THE STREET. Basically, their first date was COVID restrictions, riots, BJs takeout, and Netflix.


I was the first person to hear about this eventful night… I look back on that conversation and how things were before Javier. [Jenn] was used to relationships being exciting and temporary, and when she found something that would last, her instinct was to run. It’s understandable because love can be scary when it’s true.


For Javier, Jenn came into his clean, organized life like a tornado. He described her as “different and fun with that raspy voice.” And it was different for him to receive her voice monologues instead of a regular text message. During one of her first visits to his home, she wasn’t aware of his OCD tendencies… Jenn is considered messy in comparison, however, he loves how she has the ability to tune into his feelings and then go above and beyond to bring him back to happiness when he’s feeling down.


You two were able to surpass challenges of that time and build a strong & lasting relationship. He taught Jenn that you can get through anything through communication… No matter how late it is in the night, you’re gonna talk it out. And she taught Javier the difference between the Pantages and the AMC. You also welcomed each other’s families, communities, and lifelong friends, and joined them together to build a new village.”




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