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What Does an Officiant Say at a Wedding?

Most of our ministers get ordained to officiate a wedding and have never done so before. One of the first things they want to know is, what to say when officiating a wedding. Luckily we have anticipated this question and have an entire section of our site dedicated to what to say during a wedding ceremony.


To learn more about your role as a wedding officiant we encourage you to read through the wedding officiant training section of our site. The first thing we recommend you read is our guide on the Parts of a Wedding Ceremony. This page covers the basic wedding ceremony template and breaks the ceremony down into its constituent parts from the Invocation, to the Declaration of Intent, to the Pronouncement.


Once you understand how a wedding ceremony is structured we urge you to read our guide on Writing a Wedding Ceremony Script. For inspiration, you can also check out the Sample Wedding Ceremony Scripts we provide on our website.


We also encourage you to check out our book, Asked To Officiate. This is a resource dedicated almost entirely to answering the question of what to say during a wedding ceremony.


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