AMM Frequently Asked Questions

Does a wedding ceremony have legal wording requirements?

The short answer is No. That being said, all ceremonies by convention include parts such as the Declaration of Intent and the Proclamation. These are the parts of the ceremony where the couple says "I Do" and the Officiant says "I now pronounce you...".

This “Declaration of Intent” is required in California by law. However, the wording itself is completely up to you and the couple. For instance, you could word the Declaration of intent as "Do you Dr. Cornelius take this most amazing and awe-inspiring moral pillar of a woman to be your....". You get the idea.

The Declaration of Intent is required in California is because it represents the verbal equivalent of signing the marriage license. Both parties are verbally declaring that they wish to enter into the marriage contract. Since pretty much every wedding by definition includes the Declaration of Intent, this should present no issue.

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