AMM Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Say When Officiating the Wedding?

We understand that if you have never officiated a wedding before, the prospect may seem quite daunting. What should I say? What should I wear? And so forth.

As far as the wording of the ceremony, that is up to you and the couple. As you work with the couple you will get a much clearer idea of the tone and language you want to use.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of wedding ceremonies follow a specific format. The boundaries provided by this format are extremely helpful in narrowing down your task in writing the ceremony.

One useful way to think about it is to picture the wedding ceremony as a coloring book. The shapes have already been laid out for you. All you have to do is color in the shapes. The creativity comes in choosing the colors.

For more tangible guidance on how to write a wedding ceremony script, check out the Wedding Training of our website.


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