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Pink cherry blossoms sit in the pages of an open book of love poems. It's a romantic and dreamy feeling photo that fits the tone of a poetic wedding.

Poetic Wedding Ceremony Script with Readings from Rumi & Kahlil Gibran

A unique, poetic wedding script with readings of 'On Love' by Kahlil Gibran and two Rumi love poems. This romantic officiant script also includes a sweet gre...

Close up photo shows a bride and groom holding two interlocking puzzle pieces during a unity puzzle wedding ceremony ritual

Unity Puzzle Wedding Ceremony Script

This creative wedding ceremony script includes a unique unity ceremony: the unity puzzle ritual! With examples of what to say, a sweet exchange of wedding vo...

A groom rests his palm against the bride's cheek, and she closes her eyes and smiles lovingly. It is their wedding day, they wear white wedding clothes and are standing in the sunlight.

Marriage of Equals Wedding Ceremony Script for Non-traditional Couples

This unique wedding ceremony script celebrates independence in marriage, true partnership, and the coming together of two free spirits in love. This simple o...

Close up photo shows two women in formal wedding clothing and two men in suits. They are all reaching forward to hold hands.

Heartfelt Wedding Ceremony Script with Gift from Parents / Participation of F...

This original wedding ceremony script includes participation by the couple's parents, grandparents, or other chosen elders, as they present the newlyweds wit...

Two brides run down the aisle during their wedding exit, they are laughing and smiling and carrying bouquets. Behind them, their friends and relative watch happily

Same-Gender Modern Orthodox Jewish Wedding Ceremony (Feminine Version of Shev...

This modified Modern Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony for lesbian and transfemme couples includes a feminine version of the Sheva Brachot (7 Blessings), a jo...

Two silver wedding rings placed on a wooden table. In the background is a wedding bouquet of fresh flowers and green foliage.

Sweet Time Capsule Wedding Ceremony Script

This sweet wedding ceremony script includes the perfect wording for a time capsule unity ceremony, a symbolic keepsake of the wedding day. Add a bottle of wi...

Golden buddha statute, holding white flower petals at the wedding ceremony

Mindful Wedding Ceremony with Buddhist Reading & 4 Love Mantras

This unique Buddhist wedding ceremony script centers true and mindful love, and includes a reading of Thich Nhat Hanh’s four mantras of love and true presenc...

A bride and groom, newlyweds, hold their fists out toward the photographer to show of their new wedding rings. The groom kisses the bride's cheek in the background as she smiles happily.

'Opposites Attract' Theme Wedding Ceremony Script

This original wedding ceremony script celebrates the passion, excitement, and authenticity of a marriage between two unique and independent spirits. Embrace ...

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