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Spring Equinox Flower Ceremony Script

This is a great ceremony script for having your wedding at the height of spring. This script invokes the elements that make spring such a magical season. Flowers, new life, rebirth, new beginnings, these are the salient components of spring and are the inspiration for this spring equinox ceremony script.


Arrange vases filled with fresh cut flowers on tables around the room or ceremony space, to create a circle of color and sweet scents that surround the guests, officiant, and couple during the ceremony. These will be used as part of the community flower ritual. If the couple wishes, these flowers can be left whole with their bulbs or roots attached, to be replanted, rather than cut. At the center of the ceremony space, where the couple will say their vows, prepare a table or altar with one large vase left empty, and two smaller vases with a single flower in each.

You may choose to use any number of early-blooming spring flowers, including daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, tulips, or iris. Trimmed branches of woodier varieties, such as rhododendron or forsythia, are a beautiful departure from the usual wedding flora.

If rooted perennials or flowers still on the bulb are used, these can be replanted after the ceremony in the couple's home garden, to bloom again each spring on their anniversary.


A Spring Equinox Flower Ceremony Script


  1. Guests are seated in a loose circle around the ceremonial space, where the table for the flower ceremony is set up.
  2. The officiant and couple enter the circle and the ceremony begins.


officiant to the reception

"Thank you all for being here today, to celebrate the love of this very special couple! All of you here know [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B] well, and it's important to them to share this moment with you, as they make their marriage official.

Today holds a special meaning. It's the Spring Equinox! A day when the hours of night and day are split equally, creating a perfect balance and harmony between dark and light. It also marks the first day of Spring, a day celebrated for centuries as a time of reawakening, new life, new beginnings, passion, and abundance."


officiant to the reception

"In Spring, trees sprout with new growth, flowers bloom in a burst of color, and the air softens and grows sweeter. This season's eager promises and brightening skies fill our hearts with excitement and joy.

For [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], this is symbolic of the excitement and joy they find in making this new commitment to each other, the commitment of marriage, and the many new beginnings their marriage brings.

The Equinox symbolizes something more, too. It's a day of perfect equilibrium -- of perfect harmony and balance. With the hours of day and night shared half and half, it offers a glimpse of perfect compromise.

[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B] seek a marriage with all of these elements: balance and harmony, abundance, laughter, continuous discovery and renewal, and passion. These are the things they most value and cherish in their life together, and it's for these reasons that this day, and this union, hold such promise and power."


When the officiant asks, the couple declares their desire to marry. In some states this is mandatory.


"[PARTNER A], do you want to marry [PARTNER B], to discover the bounty and beauty of life together each day as equals?"


"I do!"


"[PARTNER B], do you want to marry [PARTNER A], to discover the bounty and beauty of life together each day as equals?"PARTNER B TO PARTNER A

"I do!"


  1. The officiant tells the guests that the couple have written personal vows (or poetry, or music), and then faces each partner in turn.
  2. Each partner shares their vows, and then chooses a flower from one of the smaller vases, and places it in the larger vase.

If the couple has chosen to use un-cut flowers still on the bulb or root, a large decorative planter with a bit of soil at the bottom can be used instead.

As they add their flower to the larger vase, each partner says something similar to:

"This bloom represents the joy and fullness of my love, and the promise of a new season."


  1. The officiant lets the guests know that the couple will exchange rings as a lasting symbol of their union.
  2. They'll ask each partner in turn to place a ring on the other's hand, which they do.


  1. The officiant now asks the couple's guests to step forward and show their support for the union.
  2. Each guest chooses a flower from a vase close to them, and places it in the larger vase up front, until it is nearly overflowing with blooms.

Note: to avoid it actually overflowing, the size should be chosen ahead of time based on the size of the guest list.

As they place their flowers in the vase or planter, the officiant address them:

officiant to the couple

"Each flower placed into the vase represents your love and support for [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B]'s commitment. [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], as you see this vase fill with these simple, sweet blooms, let your hearts also fill with the love of your friends and family! As you love each other, know that you are also cherished by many.

The promises you've made here today are sacred. Marriage is a bond stronger than any other, able to carry you forward through the many happy years ahead. Let the marriage you seek, one of abundance, laughter, continuous discovery and renewal, passion, balance, and harmony, be the one you grow together."

Guests will remain standing, and form a loose circle around the happy couple for the pronouncement.

Note: Any guests who are unable to stand should be seated with this in mind, so that they can remain included in the circle.


  1. The officiant declares the couple to be officially married (or engaged, committed, bound).
  2. Cheers rise up from the crowd and the couple kiss!


  1. The officiant announces that the ceremony is over, and
  2. the couple leaves the circle while their friends and family cheer.
  3. The officiant informs the guests whether or not there will be other activities following the ceremony, and wishes them a day of joy and warmth as they leave.

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