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881 DAYS AGO | 9.27.2021

How to Ask Someone to Officiate Your Wedding - Our Favorite Way to Say 'Will ...

How to ask someone to officiate your wedding ceremony - 3 creative ways to ask a friend or family member to perform a marriage, that will make them feel love...

881 DAYS AGO | 9.27.2021

50 Couples Get Married in a Mass Wedding Ceremony in Chicago

50 couples participated in a festive mass wedding ceremony this weekend, called "Marriages on the Mile," to celebrate the Wrigley Building's 100th anniversar...

884 DAYS AGO | 9.24.2021

How to Get Married in Indiana - Planning a wedding in the Hoosier State

A step-by-step guide to getting married in Indiana - from how to find a wedding officiant and choose a wedding venue, to tips on where to apply for and retur...

885 DAYS AGO | 9.23.2021

Italian Wedding Traditions - From Warding Off the Evil Eye at Your Ceremony t...

Include one of these 14 Italian wedding traditions and superstitions in your marriage ceremony or reception! From warding off the evil eye and other supersti...

886 DAYS AGO | 9.22.2021

NEW Product Announcement: Handfasting, From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies

Introducing our newest ceremony planning guide! A creative ‘how-to’ book that explores ancient Pagan traditions, the marriage rite, and how to add the magic ...

891 DAYS AGO | 9.17.2021

How to Get Married in Georgia - Planning a wedding in the Peach State

A step-by-step guide to getting married in Georgia - from finding an officiant and choosing a wedding venue, to how to apply for, complete, and return your G...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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893 DAYS AGO | 9.15.2021

How to Write Wedding Vows Using the Three Question Template

Learn how to write your own wedding vows using this simple three question template. Perfect for wedding officiants writing a personalized ceremony script, an...

894 DAYS AGO | 9.14.2021

How to Include a Moment of Silence in Your Wedding Ceremony

Learn how long a moment of silence lasts during a wedding ceremony, when to add one, and what to say before and after. A ‘how to’ for couples and officiants ...

898 DAYS AGO | 9.10.2021

Give Your Wedding a 1960s Pop Infusion with These 10 Songs & Lyrics

Make sure your wedding vows and ceremony script pop by adding a few lyrics from these 1960s classic songs. Perfect for a vintage, retro, hippie, or bohemian...

899 DAYS AGO | 9.9.2021

All-star wedding ceremony inspiration from Damian Lillard & Kay’la Hanson

5 ways to capture the all-star vibe of Damian Lillard and Kay’la Hanson’s extravagant wedding, which included guests like Snoop Dog, Common, Draymond Green,...

900 DAYS AGO | 9.8.2021

The Rise of the Flower Man - A Fun Offbeat Wedding Trend

Is it time to pick a flower man for your wedding? This offbeat wedding trend is a twist on the traditional flower girl that’s gender inclusive and gives coup...

902 DAYS AGO | 9.6.2021

The Cure’s Best Love Song Lyrics for Your Wedding Vows or Ceremony Script

Inspiration from The Cure for your wedding vows and ceremony script! Love song lyrics with a goth, punk, new wave feel to bring out the romantic side of your...

906 DAYS AGO | 9.2.2021

Tasting the Four Elements - An African Inspired Wedding Tradition

A wedding unity ritual with roots in African Yoruba culture, Tasting the Elements symbolizes the emotions of a long and loving marriage - spicy, sour, bitte...

908 DAYS AGO | 8.31.2021

How to Get Married in Washington - Planning a wedding in the Evergreen State

A step-by-step guide to get married in Washington State - from how to find an officiant and choose a wedding venue, to how to apply for, complete, and return...

909 DAYS AGO | 8.30.2021

Mass Weddings Might Be the Biggest Trend in 2022

Mass weddings, sometimes called group weddings and elopements, are trending in 2021 and 2022. Learn why couples love them and how to build your own ceremony ...


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