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13 "1st Amendment" Category Articles

966 DAYS AGO | 6.30.2021

Exchanging vows *before* the wedding ceremony

Exchange your custom written vows before the wedding to create a unique, intimate moment -- and avoid the pressure of public speaking, or the restrictions o...

1233 DAYS AGO | 10.6.2020

Introducing AMM’s Government Registration Guarantee -- Ordination Credentials...

The American Marriage Ministry Government Registration Guarantee ensures that your Ordination Credentials will be recognized and accepted, or we will issue a...

1237 DAYS AGO | 10.2.2020

“Having the care of souls” as an online-ordained minister: How wedding offici...

Tennessee lawmakers have incorrectly applied the phrase "having the care of souls" to discriminate against ministers that are ordained online. Learn how onli...

1297 DAYS AGO | 8.3.2020

Will Virginia remove discriminatory language from the State Constitution?

New legislation proposed by Virginia representative Adam Ebbin seeks to remove language from the state's constitution that discriminates against gay LGBTQ co...

1366 DAYS AGO | 5.26.2020

American Marriage Ministries just ordained our 700,000th minister today!

American Marriage Ministries just ordained minister number 700,000 as more Americans get ordained online to officiate weddings for friends and family during ...

1374 DAYS AGO | 5.18.2020

Attempts to gut the United States Postal Service will destroy small businesse...

The USPS is a lifeline for small businesses. Letting this institution fail is an attack on small enterprise by wall street crooks that are hell bent on makin...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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1427 DAYS AGO | 3.26.2020

American Marriage Ministries is Still Open during the COVID-19 Shutdown. You ...

American Marriage Ministries is still open and offering online ordination and ordination credentials during the COVID-19 shutdown in compliance with CDC and ...

1476 DAYS AGO | 2.6.2020

Ordination vs. Government License: Do You Need to Register to Officiate Weddi...

Ordination or Government Minister License, learn the difference and what steps do you need to take to legally officiate weddings in your state.

1476 DAYS AGO | 2.6.2020

Tennessee Lawmakers move to strip same-sex couples of marriage equality (again)

Tennessee Republicans are once again attacking marriage equality, this time arguing that same-sex marriage is "indecent" and unconstitutional.

1490 DAYS AGO | 1.23.2020

Is Virginia about to get rid of its discriminatory marriage officiant laws?

A law submitted in Virginia could make it easier for friends and family to officiate weddings by allowing couples to designate their officiant on their weddi...

1497 DAYS AGO | 1.16.2020

A Catholic Ordination Controversy Underscores the Importance of Online Ordina...

A controversy over Catholic ordinations shows why online ordination available to all is so important in order to guarantee marriage equality.

1559 DAYS AGO | 11.15.2019

How Online Ordination Facilitates Marriage Equality in Rural America

Online ordination allows non traditional couples to find ministers that wont discriminate against them but some lawmakers are trying to change that

1722 DAYS AGO | 6.5.2019

An Open Letter to Members of the Tennessee Legislature

An open letter from American Marriage Ministries to the Tennessee legislature protesting a restrictive new marriage law.


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