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732 DAYS AGO | 5.27.2022

How to Get Married in Oregon - Planning a Wedding in the Beaver State

A step-by-step guide to getting married in Oregon - from finding an officiant and choosing a wedding venue, to how to apply for, complete, and return your Or...

Un oficiante de bodas sostiene un micrófono para hablar mientras le pasa al novio una caja con el anillo de bodas durante una ceremonia de boda al aire libre en la playa. La novia está junto a ellos, sonriendo y sosteniendo un colorido ramo de flores tropicales. Los novios visten trajes a juego, con un vestido de novia y un traje blancos.

734 DAYS AGO | 5.25.2022

Cómo obtener una licencia para casar gente- Oficiando una boda al pie de la l...

Infórmate acerca de cómo obtener una licencia para casar gente, que estados requieren registro ministerial, como hacerte un ministro ordenado, que certificac...

734 DAYS AGO | 5.25.2022

Simple & Sweet, A Courthouse Wedding Ceremony Script

Plan a wedding that’s as quick and easy as getting married at the courthouse or city hall! This sample ceremony script is inspired by a traditional courthous...

736 DAYS AGO | 5.23.2022

How to Get Married Without a Wedding Ceremony

Learn how to get married without a wedding ceremony, including the legal requirements in your state regarding the marriage license, and choosing an authorize...

La foto de cerca muestra un ataúd de color claro con un gran ramo de flores rosas y blancas colocado encima, durante una celebración fúnebre.

739 DAYS AGO | 5.20.2022

Cómo oficiar un funeral o servicio conmemorativo

Aprender a oficiar un servicio funerario o conmemorativo por primera vez, incluyendo cómo planear la ceremonia, escribir y emitir una elegía, que decir y qué...

A groom holds a bride in his arms on a beach on the wedding day. It's sunny, and in the background is a blanket, flowers, and other romantic items, with the ocean behind them and some small hills and grass. The couple stands in the sand in their wedding clothes. The bride wears a white wedding dress and holds up a bouquet of flowers, the groom is wearing a light gray suit.

741 DAYS AGO | 5.18.2022

5 Seaside Unity Ceremony Ideas for Your Beach Wedding or Vow Renewal

5 creative unity ceremony ideas for your beach wedding, including a shell or stone blessing ritual, unique tropical toast with a custom wedding cocktail, tra...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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743 DAYS AGO | 5.16.2022

New script! Bilingual English-Spanish Wedding Ceremony with Written Vows

We’ve added a sweet bilingual wedding ceremony script in Spanish and English to our script library! It contains a heartfelt invocation, written vows, a passa...

746 DAYS AGO | 5.13.2022

Our Favorite Ways to Get Married Without a Wedding Ceremony

5 sweet, inexpensive, and romantic ways to get married without a wedding ceremony. Whether you want to elope alone, invite a few guests, or skip straight to ...

747 DAYS AGO | 5.12.2022

Inside Frankie Grande & Hale Leon’s Surprise Star Wars Wedding

From galactic glamor to sexy lightsabers and themed costumes: Celebrity wedding inspiration from Frankie Grande and Hale Leon surprise Star Wars Wedding Cer...

749 DAYS AGO | 5.10.2022

New survey shows most couples don’t want a wedding, so how do wedding officia...

Attention wedding officiants: Surprising survey reveals most couples want to sign a marriage license without a wedding ceremony, prefer fewer guests and a sm...

750 DAYS AGO | 5.9.2022

3 Pablo Neruda Love Poems for a Romantic Wedding Ceremony

Looking for short, romantic wedding readings? These 3 love poems are a sweet addition to any wedding ceremony script or wedding vows, by poet Pablo Neruda in...

753 DAYS AGO | 5.6.2022

How to Get Married in Nebraska - Planning a Wedding in The Cornhusker State

A step-by-step guide to getting married in Nebraska - from finding an officiant and choosing a wedding venue, to how to apply for, complete, and return your ...

A pair of white headphones are stretched over a red heart, symbolizing listening to love, in celebration of our audio recordings of wedding ceremony scripts! Beside the image is the AMM logo, with two gold rings and three blue stars

754 DAYS AGO | 5.5.2022

Listen to Full Wedding Ceremony Scripts on AMM’s SoundCloud

Listen to a professional wedding officiant perform our most popular wedding ceremony scripts, and practice your own personal delivery style before the weddin...

755 DAYS AGO | 5.4.2022

Plan Your Entire Wedding at Target (For Less Money Than Your Last Vacation)

Want a hassle-free wedding on a budget? We’ll show you how to plan one at Target for under $1800 for the perfect backyard ceremony and party! We cover all th...

756 DAYS AGO | 5.3.2022

30 Buddhist Quotes on Love & Happiness for Your Wedding Ceremony Script

Include these Buddhist quotes on love, marriage, friendship, and happiness in your wedding ceremony script as a special wedding reading or prayer, or as part...


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