Published: Thursday, Nov. 29th, 2018

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Blindfolded Guests Experience Wedding Ceremony from Bride’s Perspective

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Screenshot from Lemon Tree House Films production, Youtube

A blind bride and her groom create a wedding ceremony that guests will never forget. 



It’s not often that a wedding ceremony concept leaves us speechless, but Stephanie Agnew and Robbie Campbell’s Nov. 25 nuptials reminded us just how powerful each couple’s lives and experiences are, and how those things are reflected in a great ceremony.


In Stephanie and Robbie's case, part of their story together is that Stephanie is blind. To help their guests understand what this meant to them, and how Stephanie experiences the world, the couple handed out blindfolds that the guests wore during the ceremony.


During the ceremony's opening remarks, their officiant told the blindfolded guests: 



“When we lose one of our senses, the others become heightened,

which allows us to experience something as beautiful as these vows in a totally unique way.


Today, we get to experience that in Steph’s way."




screenshot from Stephanie Agnew and Robbie's wedding ceremony, as the blind bride catches an owl during the service

Screenshot of the bride, from Lemon Tree House Films production, Youtube




The idea was hatched by the couple and their videographer, James Day, as a way to help their guests experience the ceremony from Stephanie’s perspective. Stephanie has Cone-Rod Dystrophy – which means that she can only see some light and some dark shapes.


Since you’re probably wondering how the concept played out, the happy groom Robbie said it was a hit. He told the Daily Mail that, “the blindfolds were received well by the guests as they were experiencing that moment in the same way Steph and her mum, who is also blind, were experiencing it.”






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