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921 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2021

How Wedding Officiants Can Work Best with Autistic Couples

Learn how to make wedding ceremony planning an autism-friendly experience for autistic couples, ASD individuals, and their families, using these simple sugge...

1138 DAYS AGO | 5.6.2021

How to plan an accessible and disability-friendly wedding ceremony

Learn how to plan a disability friendly and accessible wedding ceremony for you and your guests, including tips related to wheelchairs and mobility, deaf, ha...

Five blindfolded guests sit in chairs at a wedding ceremony. The photo shows their torsos and faces, they are all wearing lovely formal wear and smiling happily.

2027 DAYS AGO | 11.29.2018

Blindfolded Guests Experience Wedding Ceremony from Bride’s Perspective

A couple in Australia had their guests wear blindfolds during the wedding ceremony to help them understand what this meant to them, and how the blind bride e...


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