Published: Wednesday, Aug. 26th, 2020

ELOPE: An illustrated guide to an eco-friendly & empowered alternative wedding (PART 1)

Illustrations by Jessica Levey


Creating a wedding ceremony is one part hard work, and one part inspiration.

While we often present written advice here on this blog, we're excited to share artwork by Jessica Levey that inspires you to create an amazing ceremony, regardless of the challenges that we are all facing in these crazy times!



Elope, Part 1


After months of waiting (with plans changing before your eyes), who wouldn’t daydream about eliminating all that unnecessary stress and just running off together, arm in arm?


Is eloping right for you? Maybe! 


It’s a modern world… Elopement doesn’t imply what it used to.

It’s not a sudden, secret wedding conducted in whispers under the dark cover of night (unless you want it to be…you spooky romantic, you). 


Eloping has become a celebration of empowerment: the power to break free of expectations and traditions that don’t fit your personalities or values.

It’s empowering to focus on what’s most important to you and your partner, in this moment. 


Eloping is also one of the ultimate choices in green weddings. It’s an eco-friendly opportunity to avoid the estimated 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide the average traditional wedding is estimated to create (according to Kate Harrison, author of The Green Bride Guide).

That’s a lot of waste! Why not celebrate your love while loving the planet?


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