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AMM’s 2024 Officiant Yearbook! The American Weddings Blog Year in Review

Published Thursday, Jul. 4th, 2024

We present AMM’s


‘Class’ of 2023-2024… 


Scroll down to find each minister’s most popular articles and videos!



It’s that time again! Time to reflect on the AMM Ministers, staff, celebrities, and other rock stars that contributed to the AMM American Weddings blog over the past year. And what better way to do that than on AMM's 15th birthday with a cute yearbook spread! (AMM was founded on July 4th, 2009, Independence Day!)

Thank you for being a part of the AMM family. With your help, American Marriage Ministries published hundreds of blog articles during the past 12 months, and hosted exciting training events across the country and online with Officiant Accelerator and Officiants Online! 

Because of you, we're able to continue serving ministers in every state: providing free online ordination, resources on how to officiate weddings, new ceremony trends, unique wedding traditions and rituals, state marriage laws, and much more. 



Have an awesome summer! Stay cool!


AMM's American Weddings Contributors



AMM staff photos

American Marriage Ministries staff and friends!


Officiant Accelerator instructor photos

Officiant Accelerator Instructors: Jimmie Berguin; Bethel Nathan; Cherise Klosner; Christopher Shelley; Rev. Samora Smith; Maria Romano; Latrice Roman; Josh Fagel; Rev. Laura C. Cannon; Lori Prashker-Thomas


Yearbook photo page of wedding officiants and guests

Minister, Officiants, and friends! Nico Raineau; Renee Reyes; Adam Sank; Rebecca Scolnick; Anon. Officiant; Helen P. Bradley; Thalia Arenas; Tara McMullen-King; Don Mamone; Kimberely Boren; Patricia Dubroof; Sherri Crawford; Mark Allen Groleau; Yadira Richards; Norman Graham; Andre Brown; Chef Tonette Lawson; Sara Williams; Paul Tedesco; Cindy Savage; Kristen Palladino; Keri Klein; Monica La Vella; Navin Ramaswaran; and the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF)


Photo collage of wedding officiants from AMM's video events

Officiants Online Speakers: Laura C. Cannon; Rich Satnam; Norman Graham; Nico Raineau; Rev. Karla Johnston; Maria Michonski, M.Div


Fun photos of AMM staff and events

AMM staff candid captures and highlights!


Photos of celebrities from the blog

Celebrity wedding highlights and sightings on the blog this year!



See a few of the articles and videos that our AMM friends and family contributed to the blog (and beyond) this year! 


Officiant Accelerator Club 



(Featuring: Jimmie Berguin; Bethel Nathan; Cherise Klosner; Christopher Shelley; Rev. Samora Smith; Maria Romano; Latrice Roman; Josh Fagel; Rev. Laura C. Cannon; and Lori Prashker-Thomas)






In the Spotlight!














Officiants Online Speakers



(Featuring: Laura C. Cannon; Rich Satnam; Norman Graham; Nico Raineau; Rev. Karla Johnston; and Maria Michonski, M.Div)



Celebrity Sightings




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