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“No Thanks, I Don’t Want a Stranger!” Chattanooga TN Ordination Tour Update

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“I called the county clerk and they told me that I can’t make an appointment, and that they don’t know who will perform the actual ceremony,” one bride told us during the Chattanooga stop of our Tennessee Ordination Tour. “This is the biggest commitment of my life,” she said. “No thanks, I don’t want a stranger.”

That's how poorly planned out Tennessee's discriminatory new marriage law is, and why it's going to be overturned, sooner or later!

This morning, we learned that opposition to the law is still growing. The Universal Life Church is getting involved now, filing a lawsuit against the state of Tennessee to prevent Public Chapter No. 415 from entering into force. 

Here at American Marriage Ministries, we're excited to see that other online churches are joining the opposition to this discriminatory bill. It’s been clear from the outset that this law is unconstitutional, and we’re looking forward to its demise! We hope we can work together with other organizations, both on the ground and possibly through the courts, to see that our ministers' rights are upheld in the state of Tennessee.


We're going to get this law overturned!


From lawsuits to public pressure -- even our ordination tour -- public resistance to the new law is growing, with folks now saying that the courts might even block the law from taking effect. 

Our ordination tour is about more than just making sure you can still solemnize marriage in accordance with the new law – even though that’s the most important part. It’s a chance for our ministers to meet in person, connect, and put pressure on Tennessee’s elected officials to reinstate their rights.

So, to all those here in Tennessee and around the country fighting for freedom of religion, we say thank you!

Stop by one of our events to talk about what you can do to protect your constitutional right to practice your faith on your own terms, we’re going to be in Knoxville tomorrow (June 26th) and then we're headed to Nashville. Drop in and say hi!

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