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1269 DAYS AGO | 12.29.2020

Rock the Mic Like an AMM Minister -- Handling Ceremony Interruptions

Simple ways ministers can handle unexpected mistakes, ceremony interruptions & avoid wedding disasters to keep the focus on the couple. Great for new officia...

1270 DAYS AGO | 12.28.2020

How does the rise in weekday weddings impact wedding officiants?

Will a rise in weekday weddings impact marriage officiants in 2021? As more couples get married during the week, nontraditional ceremonies give officiants a ...

1274 DAYS AGO | 12.24.2020

Tradition & Creativity in the Ceremony

Find the best ceremony fit for your couple. Borrow from ancient traditions or create new, unconventional offbeat wedding rituals, or use a mix of old and new...

1274 DAYS AGO | 12.24.2020

Active duty military personnel may soon be able to marry by video conference ...

Service members will be able to choose a virtual or proxy marriage ceremony in Texas if House Bill No. 675 passes in 2021.

1275 DAYS AGO | 12.23.2020

Will South Carolina get rid of its marriage license waiting period?

Proposed changes to the SC marriage license application waiting period would allow couples to elope or marry in short notice wedding ceremonies. SC S.B. 123 ...

1276 DAYS AGO | 12.22.2020

Structuring the Ceremony’s Flow

Use this format to transition & flow effortlessly between parts of a wedding ceremony. Learn how to write, structure & perform a marriage ceremony in 15 - 20...

1276 DAYS AGO | 12.22.2020

Cancellations suck. Does wedding insurance cover them during a pandemic?

Find out how wedding insurance does (and doesn’t) help with venue closures, cancellations, postponements, refunds, and other surprises during COVID-19.

1277 DAYS AGO | 12.21.2020

Proposed Texas Legislation -- and How Gender-Neutral Language Protects & Resp...

State Sen. Johnson (TX) proposed a bill that would replace gendered language in Family Code to protect same-sex couples & parents, reminding us that language...

Stylized illustration of a Buddha statue

1278 DAYS AGO | 12.20.2020

How to Perform a Buddhist Wedding Ceremony & What Guests Can Expect

Discover how to perform a beautiful Buddhist wedding ceremony and what guests can expect. Dive into this simple guide and start officiating weddings today!

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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1279 DAYS AGO | 12.19.2020

Who’s Writing the Ceremony? 4 Paths to the Perfect Script.

4 methods wedding officiants & couples use to write a wedding ceremony. Find the method that works best for your wedding & learn how to write a wedding cerem...

1280 DAYS AGO | 12.18.2020

New Ceremony Script Alert! A Winter Solstice Wedding with Candle Lighting

New sample wedding ceremony script for a Winter Solstice celebration. Bring bright lights & lots of love into the darkest, longest night of the year with thi...

1280 DAYS AGO | 12.18.2020

3 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Officiants to Give Couples

Simple holiday gift ideas for wedding officiants to give couples, while planning their ceremony or to say thank you for a wonderful wedding.

1281 DAYS AGO | 12.17.2020

Texas Monthly Article Gives Behind the Scenes Peek at the Crazy Shit Wedding ...

New 'Texas Monthly' article interviews photographers in pandemic-era TX weddings, sharing crazy stories & giving unique vendor perspective on COVID safety

1281 DAYS AGO | 12.17.2020

Representatives in US House Voice Support for SCOTUS Protection of Same-Sex M...

An Oct 2020 resolution introduced in the House of Representatives voices continued support for SCOTUS protection of same-sex couples’ right to marry, LGBTQ+ ...

1282 DAYS AGO | 12.16.2020

Are You Ready to Perform a Wedding?

4 practical steps & a word of warning to prepare for the wedding day & ceremony. Whether you've been asked to officiate or are planning your own wedding, thi...

1284 DAYS AGO | 12.14.2020

How to Revise the (Bad) First Draft of a Wedding Ceremony

How to write, edit, & revise a wedding ceremony script until it shines, using suggestions from real AMM Ministers & Wedding Officiants. Because performing a ...

1287 DAYS AGO | 12.11.2020

Plan & Officiate a Winter Solstice Ceremony with Candle Lighting

Light up the night with a Winter Solstice Wedding! How to plan & officiate a candle lighting solstice ceremony, whether pagan, secular, earth magic, or nonde...

1289 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2020

Up, Up, and Away! How Wedding Officiants With Unique Career Paths Create Uniq...

Use unique interests & job skills to become a unique wedding officiant, with lessons from a hot air balloon wedding ceremony adventure, high above Las Vegas.


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