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1278 DAYS AGO | 8.26.2020

ELOPE: An illustrated guide to an eco-friendly & empowered alternative weddin...

Part 2 of how Eloping can be an eco-friendly & empowered alternative to postponing your wedding—an illustrated guide to eloping.

1284 DAYS AGO | 8.20.2020

Wedding Ceremony Stage Fright: Tips for officiants (and couples)

Learn how wedding officiants & couples can overcome a fear of public speaking to avoid wedding ceremony stage fright

1285 DAYS AGO | 8.19.2020

7 Tips for a Stress-Free & Socially Distanced Wedding Ceremony

Advice for easy & low-stress socially distanced wedding and ceremony planning for couples and families to use during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID 19 safet...

1286 DAYS AGO | 8.18.2020

From Ordinary Officiant to High Priestess

HOW choosing a friend to officiate their wedding gave two essential workers the unconventional Solstice ceremony of their dreams while the city around them s...

1287 DAYS AGO | 8.17.2020

Butt-bumps and gift baskets, 6 ways friends and family can keep their distanc...

How-to tips & suggestions to help support friends and family who are having socially distanced weddings during the pandemic, including virtual bachelorette p...

1298 DAYS AGO | 8.6.2020

The Wedding Officiant's Guide to Planning a Minimony

American Marriage Ministries' guide for wedding officiants to help couples safely plan a minimony style wedding or elopement

1301 DAYS AGO | 8.3.2020

AMM COVID-19 Wedding Officiant Survey Report

AMM surveyed 864 ministers across the country to understand how COVID-19 has affected their ability to officiate and plan wedding ceremonies.

1301 DAYS AGO | 8.3.2020

Will Virginia remove discriminatory language from the State Constitution?

New legislation proposed by Virginia representative Adam Ebbin seeks to remove language from the state's constitution that discriminates against gay LGBTQ co...

1304 DAYS AGO | 7.31.2020

Are there legal wording requirements in a wedding ceremony?

While no specific words are legally required in a wedding ceremony, couples still must make their Declaration of Intent and the officiant must make the Prono...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

More Recent Articles

1307 DAYS AGO | 7.28.2020

Say “F it” and elope, or play the long game? How couples are coping with wedd...

Even if your wedding was cancelled or postponed, these planning ideas will help you find a scheduling solution that achieves your wedding goals.

1308 DAYS AGO | 7.27.2020

What is a shift wedding? How engaged couples are keeping their wedding guest ...

Shift weddings are a wedding format that allows guests to celebrate at different times, and safely social distance. Learn how to organize on here.

1311 DAYS AGO | 7.24.2020

Time is running out to save the USPS. Help AMM defend this American Instituti...

Small businesses and organizations like AMM rely on the USPS to serve our communities. We must resist the Trump administrations efforts to destroy this service.

1312 DAYS AGO | 7.23.2020

From Virtual Weddings to Minimonies: 2020 Wedding Trends

Let's talk 2020 wedding trends (thanks, COVID-19): virtual weddings, elopements, minimonies, and microweddings

1318 DAYS AGO | 7.17.2020

Getting Ordained and Performing Marriage in Different States: How does it work?

Good news: your AMM ordination allows you to perform marriage anywhere in the United States, no matter where you live! Learn how to officiate in other states...

1321 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2020

Why being carbon-neutral is still a priority for American Marriage Ministries...

American Marriage Ministries continues its carbon free pledge and partnership with because climate change remains a critical challenge that we...

1327 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2020

What is an Interfaith, or Non-Denominational Church?

Find out what an interfaith non-denominational church like American Marriage Ministries believes and how we provide a safe place for all beliefs.

1327 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2020

Helpful Tips for the First-Time Wedding Officiant

Officiating for the first time? Here are helpful tips and details to remember that will ensure your success as a wedding officiant!

1327 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2020

NY Governor Cuomo extends online zoom wedding order, allowing NY couples to k...

An order signed on July, 7 2020 by NY Governor Cuomo lets couples and officiants perform wedding ceremonies over the internet, in order to promote social dis...


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