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What is the United Life Church? Interest rises in online ordination to officiate weddings.

Published Thursday, Mar. 18th, 2021


According to Google Trends, a lot of people are searching for the “United Life Church” while researching how to get ordained online to officiate a wedding. This article clears up exactly what this church is, and isn’t, and gives advice about getting ordained online for aspiring wedding officiants.

Here at American Marriage Ministries, we’re very familiar with online ordination. We’ve ordained more than 750,000 everyday people who went on to officiate weddings for their friends and family. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can just start the process here. But we appreciate that you’re doing your research, and we want to help you make the right decision.
For starters, there are many churches that offer online ordination, but to the best of our knowledge, “United Life Church” is not one of them. Here’s why…
The most visible “United Life Church” today appears to be a church located in Oklahoma City. Their website was broken when this article was published so it is unclear whether they offer online ordination...




Online ordination doesn't have to be confusing...


United Life Church or Universal Life Church? Given the similarity in their names, visitors may confuse one with the other. 
Unlike the United Life Church, “Universal Life Church” is a name associated with a number of different churches, most of which trace their roots back to the Universal Life Church founded by Kirby Hensley in Modesto California, during the 1960s.
That Universal Life Church has a long history of ordaining ministers online, as well as offering church charters, and other ecclesiastical services. Their official website, associated with the founding organization, can be found here.
Although it claims to be the original one, the Modesto Universal Life Church is by no means the most prominent church using the name, “Universal Life Church,” or its acronym, “ULC.” 
A quick online search serves up an array of “ULC” or “Universal Life Church” entities. Some of these organizations claim affiliation with the Modesto church, and others do not.   
American Marriage Ministries is a non-denominational church that ordains people online so that they can legally officiate weddings for friends, family, and community. We are not affiliated with any other churches, including the Universal Life Church or any of its offshoots.


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