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Couples are ‘panic booking’ weekday weddings this summer

Published Wednesday, Jun. 30th, 2021


Everyone loves a Saturday wedding. But as thousands of couples compete for the same summer wedding dates, often neglected days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and even long-ignored Thursdays, are now just as popular as weekend days.


"The day of the week no longer means anything, in the sense that demand for any date is the same as demand for a Saturday date," hospitality revenue expert Rachel Sackheim told CNN recently, when asked about changes in booking now that more people are vaccinated and venues open back up. 


This willingness to get married on a weekday means that many vendors -- including wedding planners, wedding officiants, florists, and caterers -- are working around the clock (and all week long) to accommodate the overwhelming demand. 


Some vendors refer to this rush to book a date as ‘panic booking.’


Most couples don’t know what life will look like in the coming months or seasons (in terms of state and county gathering restrictions, continued vaccine availability for adults and children, COVID cases, etc.), and don’t want to risk additional postponements and cancellations… So they’re booking whatever date they can get, now. 


This is great news for vendors looking to make up last year's losses, and for those who are more than happy to work weekdays. 



Read the full scoop in Vanessa Yurkevich’s article for CNN Business



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Weekday weddings are here to stay


AMM wrote about the rise in weekday weddings last December, when couples were scrambling to host microweddings and minimonies amidst venue closures and increasingly strict guidelines on gathering size and social distancing. 


But this trend, like many others inspired by (and necessitated by) the pandemic, is probably here to stay. 


2021’s couples are less likely to be limited by tradition and societal pressure than those of the past. They’re saying yes to smaller guest lists, pop up venues and tiny Vegas-style chapels, backyard weddings, improvised elopements, and are spending less money and energy on things they don’t really want. 


Instead of stressing over an expensive Saturday wedding, couples are choosing small, affordable weekday ceremonies, and spending their money somewhere else instead (investing in home mortgages, paying off debt, and donating to charities, as just a few examples). 


See where the rise in weekday weddings and other 2021 trends are headed:










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