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Making it Click: 4 Ways An Officiant Can Make the Wedding Photographer’s Life Easier


Published: Friday, Jul. 26th, 2019

An experienced and effective wedding officiant works as a team with all the other wedding professionals, and during the wedding ceremony itself the unspoken partnership between the officiant and the wedding photographer is crucial. The wedding officiant leads the celebration in the moment while the photographer captures those moments to be documented forever....(continued)

Tags: first-time-officiants, professional-officiants, guest-article

Being a Team Player: 4 Things Any Officiant Can Do to Help the Other Professionals Shine


Published: Friday, Jul. 19th, 2019

As Wedding Officiants, everything we do is for the couple. However, we are also part of a team of amazing professionals who are also there for the couple. Here are four ways to make sure the other wedding professionals will appreciate you as a real team player on the big day (or maybe even before the big day):

1. The Wedding Planner: Give Them The Script!


My scripts, like a playwright’s, have everyone’s lines and stage directions.

- Photo by Author


Tags: professional-officiants, first-time-officiants, guest-article

Choosing a Wedding Officiant: What (or Who) Are Your Options?


Published: Monday, Jul. 8th, 2019

Finding the right wedding officiant is a very, very, very common problem. If that’s you… relax! We’re here to help.   

For couples who believe that the wedding ceremony is one of the most significant parts of their wedding day, the question of who should perform the wedding ceremony is a very important one. In this blog post, we’ll cover your options, and pass along what we’ve learned along the way. 

So, who's out there...?


A Friend or Family Member...(continued)

Tags: wedding-planning, clergy, professional-officiants

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Look Like an Over-Prepared Superhero: The Five Things All Wedding Officiants Should Have


Published: Saturday, Jul. 6th, 2019

I live in a world of “Top Five” lists, so when a wedding officiant asks, “What should I have with me at the wedding?” it is natural for me to reply with an easy-to-follow list of the five things all officiants should have with them for a successful wedding.  Not only does this list help you feel prepared, it helps you look prepared and professional.  Enjoy!

1. The Script!


"My scripts have everyone’s lines in them!”, photo by author


Tags: first-time-officiants, professional-officiants, guest-article

4 Incredible Ceremonies Officiated By Friends and Family

Cbs storey

Published: Friday, May. 24th, 2019

Wedding Disasters! Nightmare Vacations! Restaurant Fails! Do we have your attention now?
If you’re still reading, that’s because we all love a good disaster story, but that’s not what we’re going to talk about today. As anyone who works in the wedding industry, or at a resort, or in a restaurant can tell you, most folks have great experiences. Almost all weddings are beautiful and memorable, most vacations are great, and almost every time I go out to dinner, I’m pretty satisfied – but that doesn’t get those clicks!
That’s why, after seeing hundreds-of-thousands of happy couples married by friends and family members (who happened to be AMM ministers) I still wasn’t surprised to see an article that ran on titled, ...(continued)

Tags: first-time-officiants, stories, professional-officiants, brides

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