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Happy brides and grooms pose outdoors during a festive group wedding, or mass wedding. They are wearing white pants suits and dresses, the men wear white button up shirts with black pants and suspenders. They are shaking champagne so that it sprays up into the air and everyone is smiling.

1048 DAYS AGO | 8.30.2021

Mass Weddings Might Be the Biggest Trend in 2022

Mass weddings, sometimes called group weddings and elopements, are trending in 2021 and 2022. Learn why couples love them and how to build your own ceremony ...

Un primer plano muestra a un oficiante de boda alisándose la corbata antes de la ceremonia nupcial. Viste una chaqueta de traje gris claro, una camisa blanca con botones y cuello y una corbata color melocotón.

1052 DAYS AGO | 8.26.2021

Qué Usar Y Qué No Usar Como Oficiante De Bodas

Ahora sumerjámonos en lo que un Oficiante de Bodas debe utilizar, porque existen muchas variables tales como el sentimiento del evento, el clima, la locación...

1055 DAYS AGO | 8.23.2021

New Script Alert! A Vow Renewal Ceremony with Handfasting

New vow renewal script! Give your simple vow renewal ceremony a boost of beauty and symbolism by adding a handfasting. Perfect for an anniversary, sequel or ...

1059 DAYS AGO | 8.19.2021

Here come the cancellations: Couples postpone weddings again as the COVID-19 ...

Couples are postponing fall and winter weddings as COVID-19 delta variant cases surge. Wedding officiants offer safe, creative solutions like elopements, mic...

1065 DAYS AGO | 8.13.2021

How to Officiate a Prison Wedding - Performing an Inmate’s Marriage Ceremony

A step-by-step guide to officiating a marriage ceremony inside a state prison, along with answers to common questions to help wedding officiants, inmates, an...

1079 DAYS AGO | 7.30.2021

How to Baptize Someone (and Why They Might Ask You To)

Learn about baptism, including how to baptize someone in water, its meaning in Christianity, answers to common questions, who can perform baptism, and exampl...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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1087 DAYS AGO | 7.22.2021

Wedding Season Meets Wildfire Season - What to Know

What to know if you’re planning, officiating, or attending a wedding ceremony during wildfire season -- including what to do in case of postponements, cancel...

Close up photo shows a light colored casket with a large bouquet of pink and white flowers placed on top, during a funeral celebration

1095 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2021

How to Officiate a Funeral or Memorial Service

Learn how to officiate a funeral service or memorial service for the first time, including how to plan a ceremony, write and deliver a eulogy, what to say an...

1111 DAYS AGO | 6.28.2021

How long is a wedding ceremony? What to Include and What to Skip

Asked to perform or plan a wedding? Learn how long a wedding ceremony lasts, and which parts of the ceremony to include or cut to keep it from running too lo...

Illustration of two people embracing against a green background with yellow flowers, watercolor style drawing to symbolize a groom and bride in love

1115 DAYS AGO | 6.24.2021

Classic Wedding Vows (That Will Make Everyone at Your Ceremony Happy Cry)

Sometimes classic vows just feel right! Use these traditional wedding vow examples while planning your ceremony, or modify them to fit any religious, spiritu...

A bride and groom kneel down next to their two dogs, outside in a grassy field on the wedding day. The couple is wearing a white wedding dress and a dress shirt with a vest, and the dogs have cute bowties

1116 DAYS AGO | 6.23.2021

Sequel Wedding Ceremony Script: What to Say During a Couple’s Second Ceremony

Sequel weddings are trending! Use this sample script to officiate a couple’s second ceremony as COVID-19 restrictions lift and venues return to full capacity...

1121 DAYS AGO | 6.18.2021

You STOLE Our Hearts: AMM Ministers Looking Good on the Wedding Day!

A moment of appreciation for AMM Ministers & Officiants who know how to rock a wedding stole while performing marriage and bringing love and service into the...

1124 DAYS AGO | 6.15.2021

What is an SBNR Wedding Officiant & How Do You Become One?

An increasing number of couples want a ‘spiritual but not religious’ or non religious wedding ceremony. Learn what it takes to become an SBNR wedding officiant.

1130 DAYS AGO | 6.9.2021

Want to see some crazy shit? Become a wedding officiant!

Very few jobs give you the same close-up view of the human experience that working as a wedding officiant will! Become an ordained minister with AMM and see ...

1135 DAYS AGO | 6.4.2021

Become a Successful Wedding Officiant with this Brilliant Advice from Bethel ...

Brilliant advice from pro wedding officiant and business coach Bethel Nathan on defining what it means to be successful and creating a small business you’ll ...


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