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369 DAYS AGO | 7.10.2023

In New York City, Hundreds of Couples Gather for Mass Wedding Party at Lincol...

Hundreds of couples gathered for a mass wedding party in New York City this weekend to renew their marriage vows and celebrate upcoming or recent nuptials. T...

CLose up photo of bride groom and wedding guests holding glasses of champagne for a toast after the wedding ceremony

536 DAYS AGO | 1.24.2023

Would you officiate a Valentine’s Day group wedding with hundreds of couples?

Attn wedding officiants: Group weddings are an exciting part of Valentine's Day celebrations all around the country, as hundreds of couples gather to say 'We...

661 DAYS AGO | 9.21.2022

300 couples gather for group vow renewal ceremony in Chicago

300 couples celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in a large group vow renewal ceremony in Chicago this weekend at Holy Name Cathedral. Read about this j...

862 DAYS AGO | 3.4.2022

How to Officiate a Group Wedding Ceremony

Learn how to plan and officiate a group wedding ceremony, also called a mass wedding or double wedding – including what to expect during the ceremony, what t...

Photo of wedding officiant Todd Harding standing with a bride he married in a large group wedding ceremony. They are joined by someone wearing a sweet heart costume

894 DAYS AGO | 1.31.2022

Valentine’s Day Group Wedding in Sweetheart City delivers Big Feels, in Bulk!

Elope at the Loveland Annual Valentine’s Day Group Wedding and Vow Renewal! This romantic event is a highlight of Sweetheart City Colorado's holiday season. ...

1020 DAYS AGO | 9.27.2021

50 Couples Get Married in a Mass Wedding Ceremony in Chicago

50 couples participated in a festive mass wedding ceremony this weekend, called "Marriages on the Mile," to celebrate the Wrigley Building's 100th anniversar...

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Happy brides and grooms pose outdoors during a festive group wedding, or mass wedding. They are wearing white pants suits and dresses, the men wear white button up shirts with black pants and suspenders. They are shaking champagne so that it sprays up into the air and everyone is smiling.

1048 DAYS AGO | 8.30.2021

Mass Weddings Might Be the Biggest Trend in 2022

Mass weddings, sometimes called group weddings and elopements, are trending in 2021 and 2022. Learn why couples love them and how to build your own ceremony ...

1197 DAYS AGO | 4.3.2021

Are Group Weddings still happening? They are, despite -- or maybe because of ...

The endurance of group weddings is telling about what matters most to modern-day couples, and the challenges they face.


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