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270 DAYS AGO | 1.6.2023

AMM’s Most Popular New Wedding Ceremony Scripts of 2022

A look at the most popular wedding ceremony scripts published in the free AMM Wedding Ceremony Script Library this year! These original scripts were written ...

280 DAYS AGO | 12.27.2022

How to Become an Ordained Minister

Learn how to become a legally ordained minister, from free online ordination to a seminary or Master of Divinity degree (MDiv), in order to perform wedding c...

285 DAYS AGO | 12.22.2022

Calling All Wedding Content Creators: Get Ordained & Help Save the Wedding Day!

Are you a wedding content creator, or do you want to become one? Then get ordained online and be ready to officiate a wedding at a moment's notice! Why? Bein...

294 DAYS AGO | 12.13.2022

AMM Ministers: Cultivate a Relationship with Your Congregation

Ministers ordained with American Marriage Ministries serve a diverse group of couples and families to ensure their marriages are celebrated with love, respec...

299 DAYS AGO | 12.8.2022

Finally! A Wedding Officiant Training Course That’s Fully Online

Looking for comprehensive wedding officiant training online? AMM’s new Professional Wedding Officiant Certification Course is self-directed, making it easy f...

300 DAYS AGO | 12.7.2022

AMM Ministers: Serving a Congregation of Two, or Many

Your online ordination with American Marriage Ministries empowers you to serve your congregation in meaningful ways. Learn about your congregation, ways to s...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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311 DAYS AGO | 11.26.2022

What to Wear to Officiate a Winter Wedding

Asked to officiate a winter wedding? Learn what clothes to wear as a wedding officiant during a winter wedding ceremony, depending on the couple and the type...

326 DAYS AGO | 11.11.2022

Which AMM Minister Ordination Package or Training Course is Best for You?

The best American Marriage Ministries Minister Ordination Package or Course for your needs: Compare what comes in each one for the price: A review of everyth...

327 DAYS AGO | 11.10.2022

When will same-sex marriage be codified? (And what does that even mean?)

Learn about efforts to protect same-sex marriage rights, the upcoming Senate vote on the Respect for Marriage Act 2022, the history of marriage equality in t...

334 DAYS AGO | 11.3.2022

How to Become a Wedding Celebrant & Officiate a Wedding for the First Time

Follow these simple steps to get ordained online, register as a wedding celebrant, and complete our free minister training! American Marriage Ministries make...

337 DAYS AGO | 10.31.2022

Wedding Officiants: This Quiz Tells You Which Muppet You Are, Based on Your O...

A Muppet personality quiz for wedding officiants, based on how you officiate a wedding ceremony! Do couples see you as a Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Animal, F...

344 DAYS AGO | 10.24.2022

American Marriage Ministries Passes One Million Ministers Ordained Online

It's official: American Marriage Ministries has ordained over one million ministers! AMM's free online ordination is open to people of all faiths and backgro...

369 DAYS AGO | 9.29.2022

Don’t let her fool you, Wedding Officiant Margaret Hall is anything but ordinary

Meet 'Ordinary' Margaret Hall, an AMM-ordained minister and wedding officiant, and proud owner of The Matchbox Drive Thru -- an inclusive Vegas-themed weddin...

378 DAYS AGO | 9.20.2022

How to Replace a Lost or Damaged AMM Ordination Certificate

Learn how to replace a lost or damaged ordination certificate from American Marriage Ministries. Your minister ordination with AMM never expires, making it e...

384 DAYS AGO | 9.14.2022

AMM’s Going to Wedding MBA 2022 - See You There!

We’ll see you at Wedding MBA 2022! The team from American Marriage Ministries is attending this year’s November Wedding Pro Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada,...


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