Published: Tuesday, Mar. 16th, 2021

The Vatican, Pope Francis say the Catholic Church cannot bless the “sin” of same-sex unions.

by Jessica Levey



The Vatican stated Monday that the Roman Catholic Church does not have the power to bless same-sex marriages because God “does not and cannot bless sin.” 


Pope Francis approved the statement, sending shock waves of anger and disappointment throughout the Catholic and LGBTQ+ communities, only months after his seeming acceptance of same-sex families


In the lengthy and inflammatory statement, the Church also made clear that it finds “absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family,” and that same-sex marriages are “not ordered to the Creator’s plan.” 


Their decision, they said, came from their understanding that while God blesses the individual, “he does not and cannot bless sin.” 


You can read the full press release issued by the Vatican here. 


This decision is unacceptable. LGBTQ+ couples, and their friends and families, deserve much, much better.


AMM joins a number of other voices, including the Catholic LGBTQI organization Dignity USA, in expressing our disappointment, pain, and outrage at the Vatican’s decision. This outdated, close minded, and damaging stance, coming at this point in time, should be unthinkable.


This is a missed opportunity, we believe, for the Church to grow alongside the evolving values and beliefs of not just of a modern world, but of Catholics themselves. Year after year, a growing number of Catholics -- many of them younger millennials, but increasingly of all ages -- have voiced their enthusiastic support for these unions.


According to the Pew Research Center: 
In 2017, 92% of Catholics in the Netherlands, 78% in the United Kingdom, 74% in France, 70% in Germany, 65% in Ireland, and 57% in both Italy and Portugal, along with clear majorities in five other large surveyed nations, supported same-sex marriage. In 2019, 60% of American Catholics also voiced their support.


So why, then, does the Vatican choose not to see the value in these stable, deeply loving relationships? 


In fact, the Vatican does see the value in these loving relationships. But as they stated Monday: “The presence in such relationships of positive elements, which are in themselves to be valued and appreciated, cannot justify these relationships and render them legitimate objects of an ecclesial blessing, since the positive elements exist within the context of a union not ordered to the Creator’s plan.”


We can not pretend to understand this stance, as it runs fully counter to our beliefs. 


We believe, standing proudly beside our ministers, that all couples -- regardless of their sex or sexual orientation, gender, religious convictions, class, or other defining qualities of identity -- should be able to enter into marriage under the guidance of someone of their choosing, with the support, love, and respect of their community.


This is why we are so passionate about our work. This is why we continue to be vocal about the ways in which online ordination protects and upholds marriage equality. Our ordinations give everyone an opportunity to become an AMM Minister, and to carry love, compassion, and respect for all people into their communities. And in doing so, provide all couples the opportunity to be married by someone of their choosing.


Because all couples deserve the right to be married by someone who will not, and could not, ever hesitate to bless their union. 




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