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What to Expect at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Wedding…

Published Tuesday, Jun. 18th, 2024

Two photos side by side, Taylor Swift in a red dress and red lipstick, Travis Kelce in a red suit jacket. A red heart has been placed over the center of the image where the photos meet.
(Left: Tyalor Swift, photo by Paolo Villanueva, CC BY 2.0; and Travis Kelce, Adam Schultz, Public domain; both via Wikimedia Commons)

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce really getting married? Maybe! Here's what we expect to see if the rumors are true...


A rumor that megastar Taylor Swift and her NFL boyfriend Travis Kelce are engaged and planning a summer wedding has spread like wildfire in the last 48 hours!


These wedding plans haven’t been confirmed by the power couple, but they haven’t been denied either – which means it’s the perfect time for us to predict what a Taylor and Travis wedding might look like! 



What would a Taylor + Travis wedding ceremony look like? Let's make some predictions...


1. Vibrant colors – especially red


Taylor’s worn a lot of red in recent months in support of her BF, Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. (The Chiefs' colors are red and gold.) But she was known for bold red lipstick and crimson looks long before their romance started. (Not to mention her Red album!) Since vibrant, colorful weddings are already trending this year, we predict the couple’s ceremony will include bright pops of red, ruby-red roses, and maybe even a scarlet wedding gown. 




A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

Taylor Swift in trademark red! 


2. Lace wedding gown


Then again, Taylor Swift’s inspired white wedding dress look at the 2024 Grammys might have been a hint at nuptials to come. If she doesn’t go bold, or classic white, we predict a timeless and romantic lace dress, like the light blue lace gown she wore to her friends Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley’s wedding last year.


3. Private ceremony with an allstar guest list


This one goes without saying – we predict the couple’s wedding will be a private event with an impressive guest list and strong security. Kelce has been careful to preserve the couple’s privacy, even moving into a new house in a private gated community. At a recent press conference following a Kansas City Chiefs minicamp, Travis further clarified his plan to keep the couple’s personal lives private: “Everything moving forward, I think me talking about sports and saying 'alright nah' will have to be where I keep it.” 


So while several news outlets and an inside source have speculated that the couple "have agreed on a lavish outdoor ceremony and celebration at her place in Rhode Island," the couple is keeping their lips sealed for now.


4. High fashion and full glam


As we mentioned above, Taylor Swift is known for her glamorous looks and timeless style. But Travis is no slouch; he might be rough-and-tumble on the field, but off the field he knows how to clean up and his ‘boyish swag’ has even made headlines. He’s rocked Louis Vuitton sweaters, KidSuper designer denim, and has a (sold out) collab with Tru Kolors, just to name a few. Put these two fashion-savvy celebs together on a red carpet – or the wedding aisle! – and they’re sure to get it just right.




A post shared by Travis Kelce (@killatrav)


Taylor and Travis are both so stylish! And we expect spectacular live music at this wedding too (of course!), but will Travis play the harp?



5. Personal handwritten wedding vows


Can you imagine what Taylor Swift’s hand written wedding vows will be like? We have no doubt they’ll be lyrical, poetic, vulnerable, and completely unforgettable. A source ‘close’ to the couple says that Travis will spend a lot of time focusing on his wedding vows, considering that his partner has a world-famous way with words! The Life & Style Magazine insider says Travis “is under a lot of pressure to make his super special.” 


Although Travis Kelce might not be an award-winning lyricist, we bet he’ll write the perfect wedding vows – as long as he speaks from the heart! 


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6. Friendship bracelet wedding favors


Come on, this would be so cute! A friendship bracelet was behind the couple’s meet-cute (or so the story goes), and they were a sweet hallmark of the Eras tour that brought Travis and Taylor closer together. So it would be more than fitting to give friendship bracelets away as wedding favors! Instead of Travis’s number, these bracelets could have beads with the couple’s wedding date, making them a memorable keepsake of the day. 


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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

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