Published: Monday, Apr. 4th, 2022

Watch: This Wedding Officiant Offers Relationship Coaching to Help Couples Communicate with Love


AMM Minister Samuel Heath’s Duet Sessions are a unique approach to premarital coaching that prepares couples for their wedding day and the marriage to come.


As an ordained minister and wedding officiant, Samuel Heath’s calling is to cultivate and operate on love – what he calls our ‘greatest resource.’ 


Samuel created ‘Duet Sessions’ to help the couples he marries access this infinite resource, and hold onto it, as they venture into the world of marriage.


A ‘Duet Session’ is a unique, supportive relationship and premarital coaching session with a focus on compassion, empathy, laughter, and practical communication skills.


Through these guided conversations, couples can learn their strengths and weaknesses in communication, express their individual needs and desires to each other, and develop a plan for how they’ll show up for each other in the future.






To learn how to offer your own premarital and relationship coaching services to engaged couples as you help them plan and prepare for the wedding ceremony, check out: 

Wedding Officiants:

Learn How to Provide Premarital Counseling

& Relationship Coaching Services


A couple discuss their wedding during a relationship coaching session


Learn how ordained ministers and wedding officiants can offer premarital counseling and relationship coaching services to the couples they marry. These services can improve communication, increase feelings of connection, and make the wedding ceremony planning experience more enjoyable. Read now. 



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