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Congress’s bipartisan USPS vote is great news for small organizations and rural ministers

Published Thursday, Mar. 10th, 2022

We love the USPS!

Congress just passed legislation to help save the United States Post Office! 



The Postal Service Reform Act, which enjoyed rare bipartisan support in our polarized political climate, and was backed by the Postal Service, and postal union workers, was passed by Congress this week and now heads to President Biden to be signed into law.


This fantastic news brings relief to us here at AMM, as well as to countless small businesses and families around the country, from cities to small rural communities, who rely on the essential services provided by the USPS. 


The bipartisan agreement puts an end to unnecessary attacks against this vital service – attacks which began in 2020 with the Trump administration’s refusal to fund the post office during heated political disputes over coronavirus relief spending and mail-in voting access during the pandemic. 


For much of last year, the Post Office was forced to slow its delivery schedule to save money, but the ill-conceived strategy caused considerable harm to businesses, families, and individuals everywhere. Mail carriers don’t just deliver junk catalogs after all; they deliver necessary medications, ballots, household bills and bank statements, letters and gifts, and every online purchase under the sun. 


Americans have depended on mail services for decades, longer than any of us have been alive. The USPS provides an indispensable lifeline to rural communities, elderly individuals, and low-income families by offering affordable options that private carriers don’t. And it serves as a necessary resource for local and e-commerce businesses, and every community they serve. 


We’re grateful for this show of bipartisan support! And for Congress’s willingness to put aside their differences to defend a fundamental American institution - the USPS! 


And to all of you at home – if you’re able to, celebrate this good news with some cool stamps, mail letters and postcards to friends, send an unexpected package to a loved one, and show your support for this valuable service. 


Get the full scoop about what’s included in the Postal Service Reform Act in this article from AP News and NPR. 



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