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Asked to perform a wedding ceremony? Here’s why you should say “yes!”

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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 2019

Being asked to officiate a wedding is an incredible honor. Full stop. No matter what happens from here on out, no matter how you answer, know that whomever is asking for your help thinks highly of you. Although preparing and delivering the ceremony may seem quite daunting, the fact is that it can be quite enjoyable. 

As always, the more prepared you are, the more fun you’ll have.

As the officiant, you get to celebrate the shared love of people who are close to you. It’s a chance to speak from the heart and tell the guests how awesome the couple is, and how special their love feels. There’s a reason your name came up when the couple needed an officiant, but like all decisions in life, this one should involve some thought. ...(continued)

Cut Wedding Expenses by Focusing on What Matters the Most -- The Ceremony!

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Published: Friday, Feb. 15th, 2019



Look Mom, We’re Famous! A Throwback to AMM’s Television Appearances

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Tags: tv, the chris gethard show, cbs, this morning

Published: Thursday, Feb. 14th, 2019

With so many new ministers joining American Marriage Ministries this year, some of you newer members might have missed out on AMM’s brushes with fame. 

It’s Thursday (and also Valentine’s Day!!!) So for #tbt, we are posting some videos featuring AMM on the silver screen. Enjoy...

CBS This Morning: AMM Minister/Professor officiates wedding of her former students

People getting ordained as ministers to perform wedding ceremonies for family and friends is a national trend at this point, and the media are catching on. Last summer, CBS approached AMM looking for the perfect story to encapsulate this trend. We pointed them in the direction of Florence Hunt, an AMM Minister/College Professor, who was about to marry two of her former students. Watch her story in the below video that aired on CBS This Morning as part of its More Perfect Union series.


Attention Couples: We reviewed wedding registry websites, and our favorite one was...

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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019


After deciding to get married, the second most important decision is: who will be the officiant (in our humble opinion). But once that’s out of the way, there are other important decisions to make - like where to host your wedding website. 

After you announce your wedding date, your guests will probably have a million questions. 

But, you’ve got said wedding to plan. 

You don’t want to spend hours answering questions about what to wear, when to show up, how to RSV, etc. from a hundred different guests - potentially coming from different places, near and far. Plus, it’s 2019. We’re getting all our other information from our phones and computers, so why not wedding details?...(continued)

AMM and IAPWO Announce Partnership to Promote Best Practices for Officiants

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Published: Monday, Feb. 4th, 2019

Below is a press release that that we are very excited about, and that will make American Weddings an even more valuable resource for our readers! We are huge fans of Laura Cannon and the other wedding officiants at the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants, and this is the beginning of what we know will be a long and important partnership. Stay tuned!