Wedding Officiant Training

Learn how to perform marriage with our wedding training instructions written for first-time officiants. We cover everything related to officiating weddings from what the parts of a wedding ceremony are called, to how to write a wedding ceremony script, and more!


How to Write a Wedding Ceremony Script

Learn about the invocation, declaration of intent, proclamation, and all the parts that go into making a wedding ceremony. Once you gain an understanding of the structure of a wedding ceremony, you will be better equipped to write your own!

Sample Wedding Ceremony Scripts

See what a basic wedding ceremony script looks like and read through our collection of sample ceremony scripts, including religious wedding ceremonies, non-religious wedding ceremonies, LGBTQ weddings and more!

Officiant Wedding Ceremony Preparation

There’s more to being a wedding officiant than just performing the ceremony, even if that’s the most important part. There’s writing the ceremony, rehearsing the ceremony, what to wear, where to stand, and so much more… In the lead up to the big day, we’ll help you get ready to deliver the performance of a lifetime. Make sure to review our Ceremony Best Practices page so that when the time comes, you knock it out of the park!

Wedding Officiant Legal Responsibilities

Some states require wedding officiants to register with their local governments before officiating weddings. And no matter which state the wedding is happening in, completing the Marriage License is the wedding officiant’s legal responsibility. Find out what your legal responsibilities are as an AMM Wedding Officiant.

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