Wedding Ceremony Training 1. Basics 2. Sample 3. Personalization 4. Templates 5. Preparation 6. Post Wedding

Learn How To Officiate a Wedding Ceremony

You got ordained online and have researched the minister registration requirements in your state. Now you can finally focus on what you set out to do, perform marriage. If this process seems intimidating, have no fear! The following resources cover all the essential things you need to know to successfully officiate a wedding, including:

1 The Wedding Ceremony Deconstructed

This page covers the format for a standard wedding ceremony. Understanding the format of a wedding ceremony is the first step towards becoming a proficient officiant, and will allow you to create your own personalized one.

2 View a Sample Wedding Ceremony

Now that you have a better understanding of the wedding ceremony format and its deconstructed parts, let’s put it back together to see what it reads like in this simple ceremony.

3 Personalizing the Wedding Ceremony

The basic ceremony works but may be too vanilla for your needs. Check out some tips on how you can personalize the ceremony to reflect the values of the couple and add some flair to the ceremony.

4 Wedding Ceremony Scripts to Inspire

The sample ceremony that you just read is as basic as it gets. Now let’s see how other ministers have created that sense of awe and wonder, and how they captured the joy of the moment by reviewing their wedding ceremony scripts!

5 Ceremony Preparation Best Practices

There’s more to being a wedding officiant than just officiating, even if that’s a very important part. In the lead up to the big day, there are a lot of things that need to get done to ensure that you are prepared. Make sure to review our Ceremony Best Practices page so that when the time comes, you knock it out of the park!

6 Completing the Marriage License

Completing the Marriage License is your one legal responsibility on the wedding day. Doing so requires that you sign your name and fill in a few fields, however as a first-time officiant, you may have questions. This page provides answers to any questions that might arise as when the time comes for you to complete the marriage license.

These pages cover material pertaining to the wedding ceremony. For information related to the legal registration requirements for marriage officiants in your state, please visit our Legal Requirements page.

For a more detailed print version on how to perform your first wedding ceremony, we recommend that you check out our book...

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