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NRS 122.185 - Signs required in office and rooms; contents

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Nevada Revised Statutes - Title 11: Domestic Relations - Chapter 122: Marriage - Authentication of Marriage - Commissioner of Civil Marriages

Signs required in office and rooms; contents

The office of the commissioner of civil marriages and each room therein shall prominently display on the wall, or other appropriate place, a sign informing all people who avail themselves of the services of the commissioner of civil marriages of the following facts: 1. That the solemnization of the marriage by the commissioner of civil marriages is not necessary for a valid marriage and that the parties wishing to be married may have a justice of the peace within a township where such justice of the peace is permitted to perform marriages, or any minister or other person authorized to solemnize a marriage of their choice who holds a valid certificate of permission to perform marriages within the State, perform the ceremony; 2. The amount of the fee to be charged for solemnization of a marriage, including any extra charge to be made for solemnizing a marriage after regular working hours in the office of the commissioner of civil marriages; 3. That all fees charged are paid into the county general fund of the particular county involved; 4. That other than the statutory fee, the commissioner of civil marriages and the deputy commissioners of civil marriages are precluded by law from receiving any gratuity fee or remuneration whatsoever for solemnizing a marriage; and 5. That if the commissioner of civil marriages, any deputy commissioner of civil marriages, or any other employee in the office of the commissioner or in the office of the county clerk solicits such an extra gratuity fee or other remuneration, the matter should be reported to the district attorney for such county.

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(Added to NRS by 1969, 766; A 2009, 732)

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NRS 122.185

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