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Vista de cerca de una novia y un novio con los dedos entrelazados durante la ceremonia de boda, mostrando sus anillos de boda. Al fondo, se sonríen cariñosamente.

Guión Ceremonial Sencillo para Renovación de Votos con Reconocimiento de Hijo...

Este breve y sencillo guión ceremonial es un recordatorio de que el matrimonio es algo mas que un destino final, es toda una vida de amor. Incluye reconocimi...

Stylish photo shows the torso and legs of a bride and groom running across the street in a crosswalk. The bride is wearing a white dress and white heels and holds a bouquet of flowers. The groom is holding her hand, just behind her, wearing a tan suit and sneakers. Behind them are city buildings.

The Shortest Wedding Ceremony Script Ever

Looking for the shortest wedding ceremony script possible? This short script contains only the essential requirements for a legally binding marriage: the dec...

An older groom and older bride kiss while sitting on a park bench outdoors on their wedding day. They have gray hair and look to be in their 70s or so, wearing wedding clothes and the bride holds a bouquet of flowers. The photo is in black and white for a romantic and classic look.

Simple Wedding Ceremony Script for Older Couples

A short, simple wedding ceremony script for older couples, or those who are getting married for the second time around (or the third, fourth, etc.). Perfect ...

A groom and bride hold hands and face each other during an outdoor wedding ceremony. Standing behind them is the wedding officiant, a minister smiling and holding a book that contains a special reading. Everyone is smiling and looks very happy.

Funny Wedding Ceremony Script with Simple Unity Ritual

This funny wedding ceremony script is short, sweet, and easy to personalize, with a ring exchange and simple unity ceremony that can be modified to suit your...

A close up view of orchids and rose petals placed on wooden floor boards, next to the carved stone statue of the Buddha

A Simple Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Script

A short, simple Buddhist wedding ceremony script for modern couples that’s easy to personalize. With shared ‘we do’ wedding vows inspired by Buddhist reading...

Close up photo, forced perspective, taken of a bride and groom holding hands. We see their fingers entwined and wedding bands in the foreground, and they are looking at each other with loving smiles in the background

Simple Vow Renewal Ceremony Script With Recognition of Children

This simple short vow renewal ceremony script is a reminder that marriage is more than a final destination, it's a lifetime of love. It includes recognition ...

A bride and groom hold up their clasped hands on the wedding day, showing off their handfasting ribbons which have been tied around their wrists during the marriage ceremony. Behind them is a wedding arch decorated with flowers and the word 'handfasting'

A Simple Handfasting Ceremony Script

This simple handfasting ceremony scripts is a great alternative to a traditional wedding. This ceremony provides options for both a spiritual and secular han...

A groom and bride pose on the wedding day. He is holding her up in his arms, and she holds a bouquet of pink flowers. There is a tree behind them, and sunlight filters through the leaves for a sweet summer wedding photo

Spanish Language Wedding Ceremony Script

Este guión de ceremonia de boda en español fue escrito por American Marriage Ministries para que sirva como punto de partida para su propia ceremonia de boda...

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