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A wooden sign posted in the woods shows a chalk drawing of two wedding rings and an arrow. In the distance, we see a wedding ceremony taking place with friends and family in a forest.

86 DAYS AGO | 1.29.2024

How Much Does it Cost to Get Ordained Online in Maine to Officiate a Wedding?

We break down how much it costs to become an ordained minister online in Maine and whether you'll need to purchase and file credentials for minister registra...

A young wedding officiant minister performs a vow renewal ceremony for a senior couple dressed in beautiful formal suit and dress. They are in a brightly lit church with warm cream and gold accents.

90 DAYS AGO | 1.25.2024

10 Unity Ritual Ideas for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

Add a sweet unity ritual to your vow renewal ceremony with inspiration from these 10 examples: From a classic candle lighting or unity toast, to a fun-loving...

Bride and groom kiss in a Kansas sunflower field on the wedding day, they are wearing casual clothes and look very in love

91 DAYS AGO | 1.24.2024

How Much Does it Cost to Get Ordained Online in Kansas to Officiate a Wedding?

Learn how much it costs to become an ordained minister online in Kansas, whether you’ll pay more for minister registration to officiate a wedding, and how th...

Illustration of a bride and groom looking off into the distance with expressions of shock and fear with colored flames behind them and celestial numbers swirling around them

92 DAYS AGO | 1.23.2024

Is Your Valentine’s Day Wedding Doomed? Numerology Says ‘Maybe?’

According to numerology, this Valentine’s Day might be the worst day of the year to get married! Find out why it’s so unlucky, what to expect if you've alrea...

Two newlyweds stand outside a sweet and chic country wedding venue on their wedding day. The bride slips a wedding ring on the groom's finger.

93 DAYS AGO | 1.22.2024

How Much Does it Cost to Get Ordained Online in Iowa to Officiate a Wedding?

Learn how much it costs to become an ordained minister online in Iowa; if you're required to pay more for minister registration before you can officiate a we...

Two brides sit in front of a laptop showing off their wedding rings during an online virtual marriage ceremony. They are smiling and happy, wearing casual clothes.

96 DAYS AGO | 1.19.2024

“The Las Vegas of Virtual Weddings”: Utah Sen. Weiler works with County Clerk...

Utah legislators consider a substitute bill that will allow couples to marry in virtual wedding ceremonies from anywhere in the world, as long as certain gui...

Close up of a laptop keyboard and wedding rings

97 DAYS AGO | 1.18.2024

Will Utah Legislators Put Limits on Virtual Weddings in 2024?

Learn about proposed changes to Utah's remote marriage ceremonies and services in 2024. Legislators seek to amend the law to require at least one of the indi...

Close up of man and girl holding hands with wedding rings

98 DAYS AGO | 1.17.2024

Banning Child Marriage: Four States Consider Legislation to Raise Legal Age t...

Four states are considering child marriage bans in 2024, with legislation that would raise the legal age of consent to marry to 18 years old. Learn about eff...

Newlyweds bride and groom kiss outdoors during their wedding ceremony. The sun is behind them and shines through as they kiss.

99 DAYS AGO | 1.16.2024

Arkansas Officiant Plans Cosmic Group Wedding for April’s Solar Eclipse

Get married during April’s solar eclipse in a unique group wedding event in Pottsville, Arkansas! Officiated by AMM-ordained Notary Officiant Kimberely Boren...

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Close up of a young couple hands,  holding hands outdoors.

100 DAYS AGO | 1.15.2024

Washington State is One Step Closer to Child Marriage Ban in 2024

Learn about legislation to outlaw child marriage in Washington State. The members of the WA House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of HB 1455 th...

Two brides hold up their hands to a laptop screen to show off their wedding rings following a casual online wedding ceremony.

103 DAYS AGO | 1.12.2024

New Jersey Lawmakers Discuss Virtual Weddings & Marriage License Appointments...

Learn about legislation to allow virtual marriage license appointments and online wedding ceremonies in New Jersey. Carry over bills sponsored by Representat...

Newlyweds toast their virtual guests during an online wedding ceremony. The bride and groom wear cute formal wedding attire, and bend towards two laptops with glasses of champagne, smiling at their friends and family who are attending remotely virtually. Several guests can be seen on the laptop screens holding up glasses of their own to toast the couple.

104 DAYS AGO | 1.11.2024

Will New York Lawmakers Say Yes to Online Weddings in 2024?

Learn about current efforts to make online weddings legal in New York State, and bring online marriage services to more couples. Legislation sponsored by Ass...

A young couple wave at a laptop placed on a table in front of them. They are wearing wedding attire, a suit and dress, for their marriage ceremony

106 DAYS AGO | 1.9.2024

Can an AI Avatar or Chatbot Officiate a Wedding?

Can an AI Avatar or Chatbot Legally Officiate a Wedding Ceremony? Learn who (and what) can serve as a legal officiant for your marriage ceremony, including w...

Close up photo of a man signing a legal document with a pen. In the foreground are two gold wedding rings.

107 DAYS AGO | 1.8.2024

Proposed Changes to Marriage Laws in 2024: Marriage Legislation to Watch in Y...

Learn about potential changes to marriage laws in your state in 2024, including proposed legislation in New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, Missouri, Virginia, U...

Illustration symbolizing the lucky or auspicious wedding dates in 2024 based on numerology, the illustration shows to hands reaching up into a sky, with a red heart and wedding rings, surrounded by numbers

111 DAYS AGO | 1.4.2024

Wedding Numerology: The Best Dates to Get Married in 2024

The best wedding dates for every season in 2024, according to numerology! Expert numerologist Rebecca Scolnick offers insight and inspiration to help you cho...

AI generated image shows elderly woman smiling on a laptop screen during a video call.

112 DAYS AGO | 1.3.2024

Wedding Toast from Beyond: Using AI to Include Dead Loved Ones in Your Ceremony

Learn how conversational AI technology makes it possible to include deceased relatives and friends in your wedding ceremony, such as a virtual toast, speech,...

Newlyweds make a toast while friends and family members lift their champagne glasses in celebration with them. They are outdoors following the wedding ceremony, gathered around a table for the reception. It's sunny and there are trees and plants, and everyone looks very happy

113 DAYS AGO | 1.2.2024

How Much Does it Cost to Get Ordained Online in Iowa to Officiate a Wedding?

Here’s what to know about the cost of online ordination to become minister in Iowa, including if you’ll need to pay to register as an officiant before you ca...

Collage shows speakers from 2023's online class series, along with the text that reads: AMM Talks: One Year of Online Wedding Officiant Education

118 DAYS AGO | 12.28.2023

AMM Talks: Celebrating One Year of Online Wedding Officiant Education & Commu...

Celebrate the new online officiant education series launched by American Marriage Ministries, AMM Talks, covering topics like marketing, public speaking, sta...


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