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A bride and groom raise glasses of champagne next to two computer monitors showing all their guests attending remotely on zoom, during a virtual online wedding

9 DAYS AGO | 5.9.2024

Updates to Utah’s Virtual Marriage Laws Are in Effect This Month

Learn about updates to online/virtual marriage laws in Utah, and what wedding officiants and couples should know about remote marriage services in the state:...

An interracial couple, man and woman embrace outdoors in the sun on their wedding day

11 DAYS AGO | 5.7.2024

New Utah Marriage Law Protects Interracial Couples, In Effect This Month

A new law that protects the right to marry in Utah regardless of race, ethnicity, and national origin went into effect earlier this month, on May 1st, 2024. ...

Two brides sit in front of a laptop showing off their wedding rings during an online virtual marriage ceremony. They are smiling and happy, wearing casual clothes.

120 DAYS AGO | 1.19.2024

“The Las Vegas of Virtual Weddings”: Utah Sen. Weiler works with County Clerk...

Utah legislators consider a substitute bill that will allow couples to marry in virtual wedding ceremonies from anywhere in the world, as long as certain gui...

Close up of a laptop keyboard and wedding rings

121 DAYS AGO | 1.18.2024

Will Utah Legislators Put Limits on Virtual Weddings in 2024?

Learn about proposed changes to Utah's remote marriage ceremonies and services in 2024. Legislators seek to amend the law to require at least one of the indi...

Close up photo of a man signing a legal document with a pen. In the foreground are two gold wedding rings.

131 DAYS AGO | 1.8.2024

Proposed Changes to Marriage Laws in 2024: Marriage Legislation to Watch in Y...

Learn about potential changes to marriage laws in your state in 2024, including proposed legislation in New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, Missouri, Virginia, U...

254 DAYS AGO | 9.7.2023

Navajo Nation lawmakers reconsider ban on same-sex marriage

Learn about current and ongoing efforts to repeal the 2005 Diné Marriage Act, which bans same-sex marriage within the Navajo Nation. Legislation No. 0139-23 ...

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331 DAYS AGO | 6.22.2023

How to Get Married in Utah: Planning a Wedding in The Beehive State

A step-by-step guide to help you plan a wedding and get married in Utah - including how to find a wedding officiant, choose the best wedding venue, plan your...

429 DAYS AGO | 3.16.2023

Israel Must Recognize Utah Online Marriages, Supreme Court Rules

Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that Israeli couples are allowed to marry using Utah County’s online marriage services, and that these civil marriages must ...

564 DAYS AGO | 11.1.2022

How to Get Married in an Online Wedding Ceremony in Utah

Want to get married online in a remote wedding ceremony? It’s possible with the help of a Utah wedding officiant. Learn the basics of legal online marriage, ...

Close up photo shows two paper doll outfits resting on a laptop next to a cutout paper heart. The outfits are a tan wedding suit and a white dress

576 DAYS AGO | 10.20.2022

How to Officiate a Remote Wedding Ceremony in Utah

Learn how to officiate a remote wedding ceremony in Utah, with tips on creating a unique online wedding experience. Utah County’s online marriage portal is u...

627 DAYS AGO | 8.30.2022

A Photographer’s Path to Becoming a Wedding Officiant & Advocate

AMM-ordained Lori Prashker-Thomas made the leap from events photographer to wedding officiant when two friends in Salt Lake City, Utah, asked her to officiat...

674 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2022

Israeli couples who used Utah’s online marriage portal win legal victory in c...

A district court in Israel has ruled that the Interior Ministry must recognize and honor online civil marriage, including those performed through the virtual...

680 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2022

Utah County’s marriage bureau is surprisingly tech savvy

With a fully online marriage portal, virtual wedding ceremony options for U.S. and international couples, and digital marriage licenses stored using blockcha...

705 DAYS AGO | 6.13.2022

Utah Senator announces legislation to codify same-sex marriage

Utah State Senator Derek Kitchen announces plans to codify same-sex marriage in the state and remove a defunct ban from state marriage laws, following the le...

823 DAYS AGO | 2.15.2022

A Pagan Priest Creates Community in Conservative Mormon Utah

AMM Minister Feature with wedding officiant and Pagan Priest Leandra Southwinds. Leandra left her Mormon upbringing to pursue Priesthood and now advocates fo...


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