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10 "Religion" Category Articles

977 DAYS AGO | 4.7.2021

Weddings for the Dead -- A look at Mormon posthumous sealings and proxy baptisms

Mormon priests perform marriages and baptisms for dead ancestors to give their souls a place in the afterlife. Learn more about these rites, including proxy ...

984 DAYS AGO | 3.31.2021

Mormon Weddings : From Top-Secret Temple Sealings to the Myth of Magic Underw...

Take a look inside the very private Mormon wedding ceremony, including temple sealings, recommends, civil ceremonies, magic underwear (garments), and even Mo...

1061 DAYS AGO | 1.13.2021

Pope Francis changes rules for Catholics -- Still bans women from ordination

Pope Francis changes Catholic laws for lectors, altar readers - still ban women from ordination & performing marriage. Many see this as sexism and discrimina...

1144 DAYS AGO | 10.22.2020

Pope Francis speaks out in support of same-sex civil unions in new documentary

Pope Francis endorses & offers support for same-sex civil unions in a new documentary, Francesco, moving the Church towards acceptance of LGBTQ+ families

1250 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2020

What is an Interfaith, or Non-Denominational Church?

Find out what an interfaith non-denominational church like American Marriage Ministries believes and how we provide a safe place for all beliefs.

1434 DAYS AGO | 1.6.2020

“How do I get ordained?” A quick introduction to online ordination, and what ...

How do you get ordained online? Find out how millions of Americans are gaining legal status as "ministers" to officiate weddings.

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

More Religion Articles

1501 DAYS AGO | 10.31.2019

My Friends Asked Me to Officiate their Wedding - What Should I Do?!

Learn about what ordination means, and how getting ordained with American Marriage Ministries empowers you to practice spirituality on your own terms.

1705 DAYS AGO | 4.10.2019

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Officiant

Follow these tips in order to choose a wedding officiant that reflects your values and beliefs.

1827 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2018

Wedding Ceremony Tips: How to Compromise with Religious Relatives, for Non-Re...

Some couples want no religion, no matter what the expectation of their families, and that’s fine since the ceremony should represent the couple. However, the...

1845 DAYS AGO | 11.21.2018

Your Religion, My Religion, or No Religion - Make Sure Your Officiant Knows!

Make sure to talk with your wedding officiant about the use of religion in your ceremony to make sure you are all on the same page.


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