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An interracial couple, man and woman embrace outdoors in the sun on their wedding day

11 DAYS AGO | 5.7.2024

New Utah Marriage Law Protects Interracial Couples, In Effect This Month

A new law that protects the right to marry in Utah regardless of race, ethnicity, and national origin went into effect earlier this month, on May 1st, 2024. ...

299 DAYS AGO | 7.24.2023

In Support of the "Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act of 2023”

Learn more about H.R. 4602, and how this legislation would help to protect marriage equality for LGBTQ+ couples at the federal level. The ‘Amend the Code for...

304 DAYS AGO | 7.19.2023

Illinois Repeals Old Laws to Protect Marriage Equality

Learn about amendments to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act that strengthen protections for marriage equality in the state. Three laws ha...

960 DAYS AGO | 10.1.2021

Perez v. Sharp: The 1948 Win for Interracial Marriage that Changed Everything

In 1948, an interracial couple in California challenged the state's anti-miscegenation laws and won. The Perez v Sharp case ended a state ban on interracial ...

1160 DAYS AGO | 3.15.2021

Couples can marry for free at Philly pop-up event in support of marriage equa...

Free wedding pop-up in Philly, hosted by Equal Dignity Pop-Up Nuptials in support of marriage equality for LGBTQ+ couples, will also help those whose plans h...

1264 DAYS AGO | 12.1.2020

Indiana Attorney General Asks SCOTUS to Overturn Protections for Same-Sex Par...

Indiana AG Hill asks the Supreme Court to reverse ruling allowing same-sex LGBTQ parents to be included on their children’s birth certificates.

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More Marriage Equality Articles

1293 DAYS AGO | 11.2.2020

Nevada votes on removing same-sex marriage ban from state constitution amid S...

LGBTQ+ and marriage equality advocates wait as Nevada becomes the first state to vote on removing a same-sex marriage ban from the state constitution on Nove...

1320 DAYS AGO | 10.6.2020

Marriage Equality Threatened once more, as Two Supreme Court Justices Challen...

Will same-sex marriage remain protected once conservative judges take over the Supreme Court? American Marriage Ministries is committed to ensuring that all ...

1356 DAYS AGO | 8.31.2020

New marriage officiant legislation submitted in Virginia, fails to address br...

A proposed law in Virginia aims to update marriage laws without addressing current minister discrimination

1563 DAYS AGO | 2.6.2020

Tennessee Lawmakers move to strip same-sex couples of marriage equality (again)

Tennessee Republicans are once again attacking marriage equality, this time arguing that same-sex marriage is "indecent" and unconstitutional.

1584 DAYS AGO | 1.16.2020

A Catholic Ordination Controversy Underscores the Importance of Online Ordina...

A controversy over Catholic ordinations shows why online ordination available to all is so important in order to guarantee marriage equality.

1714 DAYS AGO | 9.8.2019

Lawsuit Challenges Virginia’s Racist Marriage License Application

A lawsuit filed in Virginia alleges that the state's marriage license application is racist.

1725 DAYS AGO | 8.28.2019

“A Life’s Dream...” Ministers Explain Why They Got Ordained With AMM

AMM Ministers share why the got ordained online and how solemnizing weddings has changed their lives.

1904 DAYS AGO | 3.2.2019

Why are Municipal Governments Cancelling Courthouse Weddings?

Courthouses across the US have stopped offering courthouse weddings in response to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex weddings. AMM went to Gainesville G...

1914 DAYS AGO | 2.20.2019

AMM Joins Civil Rights Orgs in Denouncing Tennessee Bill to Strip Gay Marriag...

American Marriage Ministries calls on Tennessee lawmakers to vote against this latest attempt to marginalize minorities by voting against this bill, and stan...


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