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12 Popular Wedding Ceremony Components – (almost) everything you might want to include in your wedding ceremony and more!

Published: Wednesday, May. 13th, 2020

Asking a friend or family member to perform your wedding ceremony is only the first step. After that moment of agreement comes the critical work of preparing the wedding ceremony… which means deciding what should be included, and in what order. And with wedding plans changing so much these days in response to the COVID-19 shutdowns, friends and family are stepping up like never before...


Asked to Officiate: Your Guide to Performing Marriage

Published: Monday, Oct. 28th, 2019

Have you been asked to officiate, and even though you’re excited, you’re not sure where to start?

Or – are you embarking on a new passion or career path in performing weddings, and looking for an all-in-one inclusive guide?...

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Wedding Ceremony Vibes: Flow and Emotion Management

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 2019

The key to a great wedding ceremony is to make it flow. And when we talk about “flow,” we’re referring to the words and the emotion of the ceremony, and that magical combination of saying the right thing at the right time. ...

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Start & End Well - Opening & Closing Words in a Wedding Ceremony

Published: Monday, Sep. 23rd, 2019

In our line of business, you’ve got about one sentence to grab your readers and keep them interested in what you are talking about. So, for the sake of keeping your eyeballs glued to this blog post, let’s just say that the rest of this article will be about turning you into a charismatic, compelling, and popular wedding officiant because guess what... It is!&nbsp...

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Are the Words, “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace...” Really Necessary?

Published: Tuesday, Mar. 5th, 2019

Whether you are about to perform your first wedding or are a seasoned pro, every minister sets out to write the perfect ceremony. There are books, videos, and oth...


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