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793 DAYS AGO | 7.27.2021

How to Get Married in Ohio - Planning a wedding in the Buckeye State

A step-by-step guide to getting married in Ohio - from finding an officiant and choosing a wedding venue, to how to apply for, complete, and return your marr...

812 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2021

How to Get Married in Texas - Planning a Wedding Ceremony in the Lone Star State

A step-by-step guide to getting married in Texas - from finding an officiant and choosing a wedding venue, to how to apply for, complete, and return your mar...

889 DAYS AGO | 4.22.2021

Eco-Friendly Wedding Officiants -- How to Keep Weddings Green From Behind the...

Eco-friendly weddings aren’t just for Earth Day! Wedding officiants can help keep ceremonies green every day, with these behind the scenes business and cerem...

916 DAYS AGO | 3.26.2021

How to Officiate a Wedding For the First Time

Learn how to perform a wedding for the first time, from getting ordained online to signing the marriage license! A step-by-step guide for new officiants, min...

920 DAYS AGO | 3.22.2021

Officiate a Virtual Wedding Like a Pro!

Online weddings require special attention from officiants that other types of ceremonies don’t. Learn what details to watch for, and how to officiate a virtu...

944 DAYS AGO | 2.26.2021

How to Perform a Unity Sand Ceremony (for Wedding Officiants)

Learn how to perform a unity sand ceremony, one of the most popular unity rituals included in modern weddings. Step by step instructions on how to set up the...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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954 DAYS AGO | 2.16.2021

How to Find Out What County a Wedding Venue is In -- Marriage License Tips

As a wedding officiant traveling to a new venue, you might ask: What County Am I In? This is important info for minister registration & getting the correct m...

1033 DAYS AGO | 11.29.2020

How to stop parents, friends, & relatives from taking over your wedding plan

If meddlesome parents, relatives, or friends try to take over your wedding planning, avoid disappointment & resentment with these communication tips.

1290 DAYS AGO | 3.17.2020

Finding Inspiration in Self-Isolation: How to Keep Calm and Officiate On

How to help yourself and others in the role of wedding officiant in the midst of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis

1324 DAYS AGO | 2.12.2020

How to Get Certified to Marry Someone: Ordination, Certification, and Ministe...

What does it mean to get certified to marry someone. Learn about state requirements to perform marriage, and what you need to do.

1343 DAYS AGO | 1.24.2020

Couples: How to Work Best With Your Wedding Officiant

Choosing your officiant wisely and working with them closely throughout the duration of your planning is the key to a successful wedding ceremony.


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