Published: Wednesday, Aug. 25th, 2021

Weddings For Pets Are Gaining Popularity

Families are planning wedding ceremonies for their furry friends -- with minister, guests, and reception included! 



At first it seemed like pet weddings -- weddings for pets rather than those that include pets in the ceremony -- might be a passing fad, a kitschy, niche event for a select few. We’ve seen them happening for years, and we’ve even been invited to one or two ourselves. We said yes, of course, because who doesn’t like seeing a dog in a tiny bedazzled jacket? 


But pet weddings are gaining mainstream popularity, and owners are really taking things up a notch. 


Before getting into things, it’s important to note that our ordinations, and our church’s efforts in general, are focused exclusively on marriage ceremonies uniting humans. AMM takes the solemnization of marriage very seriously, and that’s not about to change. Our ordinations are by humans, for humans. But we’re total suckers for an interesting wedding trend, especially if the subjects are this furry and cute! Plus, you the reader might feel differently, and that’s fine too! So without further ado, let’s get back to the topic of this article...



Cats in wedding outfits, a suit and dress

Cats in love... Meow and forever. 




Only a week ago, pugs Percy and Mabel were married in a formal ceremony in West Yorkshire (England), with nearly 80 people and 30 pug guests in attendance. 


The pups had been engaged for nearly two years before tying the knot, and showed up in pug-sized wedding attire to be ‘married’ in front of the family’s pastor. There was even a wedding cake! 



Photos from of two pugs getting married, with their owners

Mabel and Percy pose for dog wedding photos,

and take turns helping their owners cut the wedding cake, 

Via Metro.Co.Uk News 



And in Canandaigua, New York, this past Friday, Sarah and Murphy were ‘married’ in a joyful outdoor ceremony by the Pastor of a local church. Over a dozen people attended the dog wedding, all residents of the building where Sarah and Murphy live with their owners. After months of cancelled community events due to the coronavirus pandemic that were hard on morale, the wedding was a welcome reason to gather and celebrate. 


At the start of the ceremony, Pastor Bill Robinson of Crosswinds Wesleyan Church told guests, “I’m probably the first Pastor in history who not only married the groom off, but also bathed him and dried him…,” adding, “We won’t take too much time here, because Murphy's threatening to fall asleep.”



Two dogs wearing wedding outfits in a pet wedding in New York

Sarah and a sleepy Murphy say “I do” in this recent New York style dog wedding, 

Screenshot taken from video coverage on WHAM ABC13.




Have you been asked to officiate a pet wedding? 


Most of the pet weddings we’ve seen so far have been between dogs -- which makes sense, given the free-wheelin, temperamental nature of cats. (Although we bet they’d tear it up at a reception!)


Still, we expect to see increasing variety in pet weddings in the coming months, as families embrace creative ways to gather, lighten the mood, and reconnect. 


If you’re asked to perform a pet’s wedding ceremony, say yes! You can arrange the fee with the animals’ owners, and write a ceremony that will delight everyone in attendance. 


Of course, pet weddings are really for the people involved… so have fun and enjoy the moment! 



A cat in a wedding suit, making a funny cat snarl face

Cats are wedding party animals.



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