Published: Tuesday, May. 11th, 2021

Can Couples Ask Their Wedding Officiants And Other Vendors If They’ve Been Vaccinated Against COVID?

Illustration by Jessica Levey

Talking about the COVID vaccine can get awkward. There’s no denying it, so know what to expect during wedding ceremony consultations!



As a wedding officiant, there’s a very good chance that at some point soon a couple will ask you if you’ve been vaccinated against COVID. Maybe this has already happened! This question is becoming a common one for couples deciding whether or not a wedding officiant is the right fit for their ceremony. 


But if you’re not expecting to be asked, it might catch you off guard. It might feel overly personal, or even make you uncomfortable. 


In fact, we’ve been seeing a lot of conversation on professional wedding platforms and in the news about this, with officiants asking if couples are even allowed to ask. Some people are concerned that this type of question violates HIPAA laws (which only apply to healthcare providers) or other individual privacy rights. 


This is an understandable concern, especially considering how new all of these concepts are to us. 



So can they?


The short answer is yes, it’s reasonable and legal for couples to ask if you’ve been vaccinated, and vice versa. Knowing your vaccination status will be very important for some couples, especially those who are planning an indoor wedding or want to have unmasked friends and family attend. 


Offering this information is voluntary, so if you don’t feel comfortable answering, politely let the couple know that it’s not something you wish to share. 


And if you do feel comfortable answering, go for it! 


However you choose to respond, just remember to respond honestly! This friendly exchange will help all of you determine if you will be a good match for the ceremony. 


The takeaway


This question -- Have you been vaccinated against COVID? -- is an important one to anticipate as you head into consultations or first meetings this season. Just like other common questions about pricing and ceremony offerings, this one is probably here to stay for a while. 


Learning to expect this question and thinking about how you’ll respond ahead of time will help ensure clear communication with potential clients! 

Vaccines and Weddings -- What officiants and couples can expect this summer offers more detailed information on navigating the coming season. 


For more legal insights into this topic read:


Coronavirus FAQ: Am I Legally (And Ethically) Bound To Say If I Got A COVID Vaccine? by NPR. 



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