Published: Monday, Jan. 25th, 2021

Dave Chappelle photobombs a First Look wedding photo! Plus, a look back at some of our favorite celebrity wedding crashers.

Cover photo of Dave Chappelle and the happy couple (cropped from original) by Anna Szczekutowicz, via Yahoo!Entertainment

Dave Chappelle just gave this Texas couple a ‘First Look’ photo to remember! Plus, a look back at some of our favorite celebrity wedding crasher moments -- that prove wedding photos don’t have to go exactly as planned to make a perfect memory! 


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1. Jason Mamoa wielded the epic Trident of Neptune when photobombing a couple’s wedding shoot on Oahu in 2018. 



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2. Katy Perry wandered into a wedding reception in St. Louis in 2017, and decided to stay for dancing and selfies with the newlyweds. 






3. Beyonce and Jay Z were on a casual stroll in Italy in 2014 when they encountered an overjoyed bride taking photos on her wedding day. 


Beyonce takes selfie with lucky bride in Italy, celebrity wedding photobomb

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4. Zach Braff hilariously photobombed a classic smooching-in-the-crosswalk shot in 2013, taken by photographer Sascha Reinking.




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5. Tom Hanks jogged up to a well dressed couple during an engagement shoot in Central Park in 2016. (We included Tom Hanks in a recent Celebrity Officiant fashion flashback list with Harry Styles, too.)





6. Serena Williams crashed a stunning South Beach family wedding shoot in a leopard print leotard in 2014. 





7. And of course, Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance in a Texas couple’s First Look photo earlier this week! Snapped by photographer Anna Szczekutowicz. 



Dave Chappelle photobomb Texas wedding photo first look photo

This AMAZING photo via Yahoo!Entertainment



FYI, this isn’t Chappelle’s first photobomb of this kind (no wonder he pulls it off so stylishly!). He brought a smile to a couple and their photographer during an engagement shoot in 2018, too. 





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