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Is a cardboard cutout of yourself the perfect wedding gift? It just might be!

Published Wednesday, Mar. 16th, 2022

Two wedding guests attend a ceremony as cardboard cutouts in this adorable photo from @BoutiqueBarn in Auckland, New Zealand

Life-size cardboard cutouts of friends and family make great wedding guests… AND great wedding gifts.  




Looking for the perfect wedding gift to give a friend or relative? 


Wondering if you should send a gift for that wedding you can’t attend? 


Still nervous about attending a wedding in-person because of COVID?


Looking for a clever way off a guest list that you wish you’d never been put on in the first place? 


We’ve got the perfect solution to all of these, and any other wedding gift or guest list conundrum keeping you up at night…



Send a lifesize cardboard cutout of yourself instead! 



This might sound like a joke (and it is… except when it’s not?), but hear us out. 


Photo via Daily Record, this is a group photo of the MacIver family. The bride and groom stand surrounded by smiling full size cut outs of their family members, including children.

Kaye and David on their wedding day, joined by 20 smiling cardboard cutouts. 

Photo via Daily Record


This might sound like a joke (and it is… except when it’s not?), but hear us out. 


20 friends and relatives living in Scotland did just that recently – sending 20 full-size cardboard cutouts of themselves to a loved one’s wedding in New Zealand when COVID restrictions kept them from hopping on a plane – and the surprise gift was a complete hit! 


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David MacIver and his fiance, Kaye, had been planning their elaborate in-person celebration for months, and were eagerly anticipating their out of town guests. When the decision was made to cancel the flights, the couple was deeply disappointed. 


That’s when David’s sister, Lainy, started brainstorming ways to show the now-newlyweds the family’s love and support in their absence (and still show up in the family wedding photos). 

Photo via Daily Record, of the entire MacIver wedding guest list, including 20 cutouts, stand posing inside the wedding venue in New Zealand 

Photo via Daily Record


Talk about a brilliant surprise! 


With Lainy’s help and clever guidance, the groom’s family members were posed and photographed, and the cutouts were sent in secret to surprise the couple on the big day. 


The cardboard guests looked fantastic in group photos (not a hair out of place!) and brought unexpected laughter and joy to the newlyweds, despite the disappointing change in travel plans. 


Get the full scoop in Jackie Grant’s article for the Daily Record. 


See? Cardboard cutouts are the perfect gift! 

(At least for David and Kaye.)



If there’s a wedding you wish you could attend, but can’t  (or maybe a wedding you’d like to get out of attending) consider this clever option instead of a traditional wedding gift. 


Dress up, strike a pose, and send your love via oversized USPS parcel! 



(Then send us photos at [email protected])


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