Arkansas Marriage Laws

9-11-220 - Duty of clerk on return of license -- Issuance of certificate

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Arkansas Code - Title 9: Family Law - Subtitle 2: Domestic Relations - Chapter 11: Marriage - Subchapter 2: License and Ceremony

Duty of clerk on return of license -- Issuance of certificate

(a) Upon the return of any license officially signed as having been executed and that the parties therein named have been duly and according to law joined in marriage, the clerk issuing the license shall make a record thereof in the marriage record in his or her office. (b) The clerk shall immediately make out a certificate of the record, giving the names, date, book, and page, together with the name of the county and state, and attach the certificate to the license and return the license to the party presenting it. (c) The certificate shall be signed officially by the clerk and sealed with the county seal. (d) The circuit clerks in counties having two (2) judicial districts shall keep a record at the county site of each district in which marriage licenses shall be recorded. (e) (1) If a license has been returned and recorded by the clerk that contains clerical or scrivener's errors, the licensee may submit proof of the error to the circuit court in an ex parte proceeding. (2) The court, upon a finding of error, shall order the county clerk to correct the errors on the license. (3) The licensee shall not be charged a fee for filing a request to correct clerical or scrivener's errors. (f) On the face of the certificate shall appear the certification to the fact of marriage, including, if applicable, a designation that the parties entered into a covenant marriage signed by the parties to the marriage and the witnesses, and the signature and title of the officiant.

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HISTORY: Acts 1875, No. 127, § 9, p. 260; 1901, No. 123, § 2, p. 194; C. & M. Dig., §§ 7059, 7067; Pope's Dig., §§ 9041, 9049; A.S.A. 1947, §§ 55-226, 55-227; Acts 2001, No. 751, § 1; 2001, No. 1486, § 4.

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